Know How: The Top Sofas for Growing Families

If there’s one thing we know about at Arlo & Jacob it’s family life; the ups, the downs, the spills, the messes and the joyful moments that happen every day in our homes. If you’re the proud member of a large family, you’ll know how lovely it is to spend quality time together on a sofa. Bundling up together to watch a film, read a storybook, play a board game, or just catching up can be a little tricky on a small sofa, which is why we want to introduce you to our top sofas for growing families.

Modular Sofas

You can’t beat a modular sofa for a growing family. They are the ideal transitional piece that can come with you when you move home and you can add filler pieces as your family grows. What’s more, you can choose corner, chaise and sofa bed options to suit your space. Let’s take a closer look at some of our modular sofa that are ideal for big families.


Bertie is a modern, modular sofa that literally covers all of your needs. Not only is it modular, meaning you can create the exact size you need, but you can also choose a sofa bed, corner and chaise unit to suit your family’s requirements. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, you can also opt for storage in the chaise unit to hide clutter and maximise floor space.

Bertie chaise sofa


Our first modular sofa to launch, the Crawford is a sophisticated, sleek and mid-century-inspired sofa that has unparalleled levels of comfort. With deep seats and extra wide arms, it’s a superb choice for large families. Just like Bertie, it comes in a corner and chaise style so it can be built to suit the shape of your living room.

Crawford modular corner sofa


The classic club sofa, Pembroke is perhaps the perfect family sofa for long lazy Sundays spent together. With foam seat cushions it has plenty of support for the biggest and smallest members of the family. The Pembroke large sofa is a great option for a family of four, but remember, our Pembroke is also a modular sofa too, so you can add filler pieces, or even convert it into a corner sofa that can seat upwards of five or six people. If you’re a family that often hosts guests, or has the grandparents to stay, then consider our Pembroke sofa bed; supremely comfortable as both a sofa and when the mattress is folded out.

Pembroke large sofa


Just like our Pembroke, the Balthasar is a soft, plump and classic family sofa. Available in a modular style, and as a corner sofa, the Balthasar has a cloud-like softness, perfect for cosy evenings spent curled up together.

leather corner sofa

Loose Cover Sofa

Harriet Corner

While modular sofas are an excellent solution for a growing family, these styles might not be to everyone’s taste; that’s where our Harriet sofa comes in. The plumpest, softest sofa with an abundance of scatter cushions, Harriet is a fantastic choice for those who love to hunker down and get comfortable together. Plus, with a removable loose cover, it’s an excellent choice for anyone with younger children or pets who may want the option of removing the cover for professional cleaning.

Harriet corner sofa

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