Table Top: Daniel Heath


Today award winning British designer Daniel Heath gives us a glimpse of his coffee table, or strictly speaking his Astoria Coffee Table, a crafted Iroko hardwood table engrained with a rich tapestry of pattern. One of the many engaging designs found at Daniel Heath is renowned for his wallpaper, textile and surface design, championing illustrative qualities and referencing a time or place to form playful narrative. After inviting Daniel to take part in Table Top, it becomes clear where his inspirations derive from.

Daniel Heath Coffee Table



I enjoy a good cup of coffee and probably drink far too much of it, but it helps a lot on very busy days. At home, we use a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker to get a good strong cup of coffee before heading out the door. We have a milk frother too, so we have no excuses for bad coffee!

Penguin Classics

I inherited these books from my Father, so they have a great deal of sentimental value. They also happen to be great books. I have a lot of Graham Greene and Hemingway from my Father's collection, but have bought and read other Penguin Modern Classics over the years, including Capote, Kafka and Kerouac. To Have and Have Not is a personal favourite at the moment.

Picasso Lino Prints 1958-1960 (Catalogue)

Another wonderful thing inherited from my Father. I love the energy of the marks generated through lino print. The catalogue showcases Picasso's prolific exploration of the process through his narrative scenes and abstracted portraiture. It's a lovely little book to have on the coffee table.

Daniel Heath Coffee Table with Books


Memory Sticks & Note Pads

I must have a memory stick in every jacket or bag I own. I usually have one about my person. I don't know what I'd do without them! They usually hold a couple of GB, and are usually given away free at events and re-used. I remember when a 256MB stick would cost £50, but I suppose everyone uses cloud storage these days. I like to know that I have my artwork on my person because you can't always get online. Note pads get filled with my musings and I am equally lost without them.

Handmade Ceramic Tile

My wife Laura Perryman is a talented designer and surface specialist. We are currently redesigning our kitchen and so Laura has been sampling some tile shapes with textural surface qualities and glazes on stoneware and terracotta. We always have a project in progress at home- next in line is a garden studio...

All items are photographed on my Astoria coffee table in our living room in Walthamstow.

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