Superior Comfort

When buying a new sofa we imagine that the comfort of it is on the top of your checklist. You have to able to sit in the chair and finish off your gripping book or be able to settle the kids down on a Sunday night on your sofa. It needs to be your comfort spot for those all-important ‘me times’, your movie marathons and Sunday afternoon naps.

At Arlo & Jacob we work hard to make sure that every one of our sofas, armchairs and even footstools is comfortable enough for everyone. To get the optimum comfort level for each product, we make sure that all aspects of your sofa are of the best quality, right down to the specific feather or foam in your seat cushions. The majority of our sofas are filled with high resilient feather-wrapped foam, which means that the foam in your sofa won’t disintegrate and lose its shape after a year, because it’s the best of the best. We’ve even removed the pain staking exercise of beating your cushions to try and de-clump them. Our feathers are wrapped in channels (just like your duvet), meaning that clumped up corners will be a thing of the past.

Philo corner sofa

Comfort highly is subjective, just like many things in life, and we’re always keeping this in mind. When creating a new product or thinking about how to make our current designs even more comfortable, our Product team likes to give different sofas different sits. Take our Wallis armchair and Darcy sofa, the Darcy has carded fibre seat cushions which makes it feel firmer than the Wallis which simply has a fibre seat cushion. We’ve made sure that each sofa has the perfect sit, so that you don’t have to think about it, however if you pop down to one of our showrooms and after doing the all-important ‘bum test’ decided you’d like a different filling, we will happily change it to another fill of your choice.

Harriet loose cover sofa

When you buy comfort, you want to make sure that it lasts a lifetime. Just like with our hardwood frames, we also offer a lifetime guarantee on our coiled springs. Using mesh top coiled springs is a method only the top upholsterers use and we didn’t want you to miss out. It’s these coiled springs that mean you’ll have your dream sofa long enough for it to be a part of all of life’s best moments.

While we’ve taken the important decision making from you by choosing the seat fill and making sure the majority of the sofas have coiled springs, the fabric you choose to upholster your sofa or armchair in makes all the difference. Our Soft Wool Mix family, has a lot of give in it, giving your sofa a sink-all-the-way-in kind of sit, whereas our Velvet range can harden the sit dramatically. It’s important to test what the sofa feels like, so it may be worth making a trip to one of our showrooms and trying them out for yourself, while sipping on a perfectly made cappuccino.


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