Staingard & Sofa Care

Protect your upholstery from just £60. Staingard helps prevent long-term damage from household spills and stains on your sofa. With Staingard, you get a 5-year fabric upholstery care plan that covers accidental damage, accidental staining and a care kit, with a genuine 'Clean, Repair or Replace' policy.

At home professional cleaning

Staingard protection offers exceptional care for your upholstered furniture. If you’ve had a lavish dinner party, or a summer BBQ that lasted well into the night and there were a few too many wine spills, the Staingard team will personally come to your home and professionally clean your sofa or armchair at no extra cost.

Any claims must be made within 5-7 days of the incident. The online process couldn’t be easier, just like a food shopping delivery, you can select the day and time that you would like the team to come to your home, simple!

Protect your sofa against life’s little accidents

Stains: acids, cosmetics, shoe polish, ink, bleaches, caustics, corrosives, paints, superglue, coffee, ketchup, cola, human & animal body fluids, dyes and dye transfer from newspaper print or clothing (including denim), and all food and drink.

Accidental damage (meaning unintended and unexpected damage caused by a sudden and unforeseen event): rips, burns, scuffs, punctures, scratches, breakage, dents or chips, water, liquid or heat marks, pet damage (limited to three claims per period of insurance).

Starting from £60, Staingard is available to all UK postcodes, including Northern Ireland.

About your Care Plan

Your Care Plan begins on the date your furniture is delivered and subject to the terms and conditions will continue for 5 years. Your Care Plan has been arranged by Staingard Warranty Group (A trading name of Homeserve Furniture Repairs Limited). For details of your insurer, please see the Terms and Conditions on your Certificate of Insurance that will be provided to you following delivery, a copy of which can be obtained from your Sales Consultant.

Homeserve Furniture Repairs Limited will administer your care plan, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Number 502001). This can be checked on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website at

Your Demands and Needs of this Care Plan

By purchasing this Care Plan, you confirm that you have reviewed the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) and that it meets your Demands and Needs. You confirm you do not want to pay to restore your furniture in the event of an accidental stain or if it becomes accidentally damaged, that you do not wish to use your home insurance as you may incur an excess and a potential impact on premiums when renewed, and that you understand the Care Plan is not a general cleaning contract but a policy that provides cover for specific incidents.

Sofa Care & Cleaning

Upholstery fabrics aren’t made for the washing machine. By vacuuming or brushing your furniture frequently, you minimise the chance of dust particles affecting the durability and colour of your fabric. To keep your sofa in the best possible condition, we recommend an in situ professional upholstery clean every 18 months. In case of emergencies (like baked bean spills or red wine stains), you should contact a local specialist cleaning company for advice.

Creasing and shading

Velvet and chenille fade and flatten naturally over time and these processes won’t have a long-term detrimental effect on the wear of the fabric. It can, however, be minimised by brushing against the pile.

There’s a chance that some of our fabrics may crease, especially our linens. It’s not a manufacturing fault but a natural result of the fabric’s composition. Again, it won’t affect the wearing qualities of your furniture.


Our scatters cushions and bolsters are packed full of feathers so need to be plumped at least twice a week to help maintain their bulk, shape and comfort. All types of loose seat and back cushions should also be turned regularly to even out wear and fading.


Velvet is one of the world’s most beautiful but delicate fabrics. It’s not pet or family-friendly: getting it wet can permanently damage its appearance, and stains are difficult to remove.

General care

There are lots of small things you can do to prolong the life of your furniture. Here are a couple of things to look out for and some top tips:

  1. Four-legged friends can damage your sofa with their fur and claws.
  2. Even if the score is tight or the movie’s scary, you should avoid sitting on the edges of your seat as it can weaken the front edge of the spring unit.
  3. The arms of your sofa aren’t designed to carry an adult’s body weight, so instead of sitting on them, use them for resting arms, legs and heads.
  4. Sharp objects like belt buckles, toys, rings and more can tear your fabric.
  5. Putting your sofa too close to an open fire or radiator can damage your fabric.
    Protect your floors and the life of your castors by lifting instead of rolling.

If you have any further questions surrounding sofa care, get in touch.

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