Velvet Sofas

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Helena Large Sofa

Helena Small Sofa

Pembroke Large Sofa

Pembroke Medium Sofa

Pembroke Snuggler

Philo Large Sofa

Pembroke Corner Sofa

Cartwright Medium Sofa

Cartwright Large Sofa

Hartfield Large Sofa

Cartwright Snuggler

Hartfield Small Sofa

Hartfield Snuggler

Cartwright Small Sofa

Pembroke Small Sofa

Ferdinand Grande Sofa

Oliver Medium Sofa

Oliver Large Sofa

Oliver Grande Sofa

Ferdinand Small Sofa

1-24 of 42

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Our most popular fabric choice, the velvet sofa is a sumptuous, luxurious choice for your living room. Whether you choose our easy velvet, cotton velvet, Italian velvet or vintage velvet, with an assortment of colours, textures and both cotton and synthetic options, we’ve got your new velvet sofa covered.