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Linen Sofas

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Helena Large Sofa

Elton Large Sofa

Elton Small Sofa

Helena Small Sofa

Pembroke Large Sofa

Pembroke Medium Sofa

Elton Medium Sofa

Cartwright Medium Sofa

Cartwright Large Sofa

Cartwright Small Sofa

Crawford Large

Pembroke Small Sofa

Ferdinand Grande Sofa

Louis Medium Sofa

Louis Large Sofa

Ferdinand Small Sofa

Ferdinand Medium Sofa

Ferdinand Large Sofa

Harriet Small Sofa

Harriet Medium Sofa

Harriet Large Sofa

21 Item(s)

Fallen in love with a lightweight linen sofa? With our choice of true linens, heavy linens and linen-blend fabrics, you’ll have plenty of choice for your new linen sofa. Pair these luxurious, natural fabrics with any of our loose cover style sofas for a relaxed look, and match with strong shapes to make a bold design statement.