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Otti Snuggler

Otti Large Sofa (2PC)

Otti Grande Sofa (2PC)

Otto Grande Sofa (2PC)

Otto Large Sofa (2PC)

Otto Snuggler

Zachary Filler Unit

Cartwright Snuggler

Hartfield Snuggler

Otto Loafer Stool

Otto Grande Stool

Otto Large Stool

Otto Medium Stool

Otto Grande Arm Unit LH

Otto Grande Arm Unit RH

Otto Large Arm Unit LH

Otto Large Arm Unit RH

Otto Medium Sofa (2PC)

Otto Chair

Otto Grande Filler Unit

Otto Large Filler Unit

Otto Corner Unit

Otto Grande Corner (5PC)

Otto Large Corner (5PC)

1-24 of 81

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From Modular to Mid-century, Contemporary to Corner, Chesterfield to Compact, there’s a sofa in our range that’s perfect for you and your home. Whether you need a two, three or four seater sofa, a chaise for lounging or a sofa bed for snoozing, all our sofas come with a lifetime guarantee and a huge helping of comfort. We’ve got a luxury designer fabric sofa that’ll fit into your life so well you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.