Sofa Moments: Top 5 Board Games


With the clocks having gone back an hour, colourful fireworks filling the sky each night and crisp mornings littered with leaves the norm, autumn is definitely making its presence known. With that in mind, weekends are the perfect time for more relaxed activities, ideal for catching up with friends and family and are all about taking the time to step back from the busy week.

Nostalgic Monopoly Tin from John Lewis

Old fashioned manopoly


Monopoly is a firm family favourite and this delightful nostalgic tin brings a fun, retro feel to a Sunday afternoon. Containing all the usual elements of the famous board game, choose whether you fancy being a top hat, an iron or a racing car for the play of the game to ensure your beat your whole family, in a friendly way of course!

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Dog Bingo from Laurence King

Dog Bingo


Containing 64 breeds of dogs from all around the world, all intricately illustrated, Dog Bingo is a fun twist on the traditional game of the highly addictive game of Bingo. Take 64 dog tokens, one board, 12 bingo cards, plus brightly coloured counters to mark up your cards, the game is also an educational way to spend an afternoon. It plays host to a variety of dog breeds from the Golden Labrador you see every day to the Hungarian Puli, unique for it’s dreadlocked curls. This game is definitely one for all the dog lovers amongst us.

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London Skyline Chess Set by Not On The High Street

Skyline Chess


Equally perfect for design and chess lovers, this London edition chess set brings style to your weekend afternoon. Iconic London landmarks lend themselves well to chess components in this well-designed representation of the big smoke. It also makes for a tasteful addition to the aesthetics of a room and it would look right at home as the main feature on a coffee table too.

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Pictionary from Argos



Artistic drawing skills are not required to play this board game with all the family. Grab a pencil, and your imagination, and laugh your way into the weekend with hilarious, comical drawings which result from this fast-paced game. No matter if the weather is miserable and unpredictable outside, laughter is definitely on the card with this game.

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Jenga from Debenhams



This classic block stacking game requires patience, a steady hand and the ability to take on the laws of gravity. Stack the wooden blocks and take it in turns to pull out the blocks one by one until the whole stack comes crashing down. Tension mounts with this simple game and is a great way to involve the whole family.

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