Sofa Moments: The Alternative Christmas Drink


With Christmas fast approaching, we’re embracing all things festive. Chocolate for breakfast, wearing as many glittery items of clothing as possible and we might even stretch to tinsel in our hair. With that in mind, we’re searching for alternative things to eat and drink – because we’ve exhausted the Celebration tin and mince pies, basically.

Freakshakes have been one of the biggest hits of this year and the trend looks set to continue into 2017. Monty Bojangles, one of the fastest growing confectionery brands in the UK, has partnered with renowned London based restaurant, Muriel’s Kitchen, to create these pure jars of joy.

Freakshake Milkshake


Creative, colourful and oh so tasty, these Freakshakes are the perfect indulgence for the festive season. Containing pure chocolatey goodness, delicious ice-cream and even more milk and dark chocolate decorations, below is the recipe for the brand new Milky Mischief shake for you to try at home. For an added kick, the Milky Mischief also contains a hint of dark spiced rum and a dash of espresso, ideal for the adults amongst us, and offers an extra warming hint on chilly evenings. These Freakshakes really do look just as good as they taste.

Serves 1

Ingredients (shake):

3 Scoops ice cream
5 x Milky Mischief truffles
50 ml Spiced rum
50 ml Espresso shot

Ingredients (topping):

Whipped cream
Different coloured chocolate shards (milk and dark chocolate)
Grated Milky Mischief truffles
Whole Milky Mischief truffles
White snowflake decorations
Red and white straw


Whizz all of the ingredients together in a blender and decorate with whipped cream and chocolatey goodness as you please!