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Sofa Colour

We adore colour at Arlo and Jacob and think it can be a true reflection of your personality. The bolder and brighter, the better! We love a bit of colour clashing and pattern as well, and find it’s far more effective than choosing furniture in matching fabrics. We have an endless selection of fabrics in our range, but we also offer custom upholstery. So, if you’ve found a fabric that you’ve completely fallen in love with, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do! If you need some inspiration on which colours to pair together, here are some of our tried and tested sofa colour combinations that we love. Why not explore our sofa colours and give them a go?

Pink and Navy (Animal Print)

Pastel pink has flooded the interiors world in recent years, and it’s still a highly popular hue (albeit with a slightly more salmon tinge). We love pairing pink with navy blue as these two colours offset one another beautifully. This colour palette works very well on natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

Navy and Rust

Blue and orange sit practically opposite one another on the colour wheel, making them an excellent pairing for creating a sense of contrast. Choosing warm, deep oranges like rust and umber to partner with vibrant navy blues makes for a grown-up and sophisticated colour scheme. This sofa colour combination works very well on sumptuous, thickly piled fabrics like chenille and velvet.

Grey/Naturals with Gold/Bronze

If you prefer natural tones in your interior, there are still plenty of colour combinations you can choose from. Greys and neutrals work well alongside one another. If you want to add a hint of colour and depth, then warm gold tones like ochre work exceptionally well with neutrals.

Teal and Brown

Another interior colour trend that’s sticking around is a rich, teal blue paired with browns and golds. It’s an elegant and sophisticated colour combination that also works well with patterned fabrics. So, start with the combo as a base and then let your imagination run wild!

Brown with Pink & Navy

Another one of our favourite sofa colour combination ideas is to partner a beautiful sepia or rust-brown with pink and navy for an eclectic, almost ‘70s take on an interior colour scheme. Retro style sofas and chairs elevate the effect, infusing a chic, mid-century look into their environment.