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When it comes to creating a sense of atmosphere, colour can seriously tip the scales. Selecting the right paint for your walls can really set the tone in your space. Though, it’s also important to keep in mind how that choice will play against the rest of your scheme. To take the guesswork out of the equation, we’ve joined forces with the colour maestros at COAT Paints to suggest a few winning fabric and paint combinations. Settle in for our latest inspiring installation!

Scandi Linen, Earth x Hello Vera

This one may not strike you as the most obvious combination - but that’s exactly why we’re here, right?! We love it when we discover a pairing that might not seem like a clear choice, yet somehow dovetails beautifully. COAT’s Hello Vera is a refreshing, celery green paint that infuses any space with a spry and stringy atmosphere. It’s got a touch of creaminess to it that evens out the effect, creating a beautifully balanced feel. The key is simply to pair it with other colours that, although they may not appear similar, share the same undertone.

COAT co-founder, Rob Abrahams is an expert on the subject of paint trends and colour pairings. He recently let us in on a few of his secrets: “There’s been a move towards earthy, organic, grounded colours. All of them do have that brownish undertone to them, moving away from the freshness of blues and things like that and instead, looking at browns and greens as well as isolated pops of colour.”

If you’re looking to get onboard with the latest look, we’ve got just the thing! Our Earth coloured Scandi Linen has got a rich, toasty quality. The fabric’s texture lightens the effect just a touch with its linen composition. Pairing it with Hello Vero amplifies its versatility, tying into their shared undertone while introducing a complementary air of freshness.

Sometimes, opposites really do attract! In this case, there’s a science to the match. If you’d like to find out more about selecting complementary colours for your interior, pop into one of our shops or book a free style consultation online. You can also get in touch with COAT to tap into their treasure trove of knowledge! If you’d like to try out this combo, be sure to order a Scandi Linen, Earth fabric and Hello Vera paint swatch to see how they work in your space.

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