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Colour Chameleon

Harriet’s gentle shape looks strong when dressed in bold block colour or soft when clothed in oaty natural weave fabrics. The choice is yours!
Harriet is our loose cover hero, designed for easy enjoyment and simplicity of maintenance. It’s got a modern, laid-back look with an effortless appeal. Choose between various sizes and configurations to suit your space. We’ve got small, medium, large, and grande sofa sizes. The grande is delivered split to save us all any fretting over tight spaces and tricky corners.  You can also opt for a left or righthand-facing chaise sofa that gives you the added bonus of a spot to stretch out. The corner sofa is also a great option for larger spaces that could do with a bit of definition, carving out a seating area that feels convivial and comfortable.

Image features: Harriet Large Corner Sofa in Scandi Linen, Flax.

Whichever Harriet you go for, you can choose to take home a selection of alternate loose covers that make it easy to switch up the look and feel of your space. It also makes cleaning a cinch as you can simply whip the cover off for professional dry cleaning and pop a new one on in the interim. Choose between Linara, Basket Weave, Scandi Linen, or Linen Blend for the cover, all of which are selected for their suitability to the pared-back, relaxed aesthetic of the design. On the interior, you’ll find a sumptuously soft yet wonderfully supportive Feather Wrap fill. It’s got a foam heart which lends a structured quality with a bit of bounce-back, which is then swaddled in layers of feathery goodness to create a pillowy feel. The back cushions are filled entirely with feathers to give you an added boost of soft, luxurious comfort. 

Image features: Harriet Corner Sofa in Customer's Own Fabric.

The Harriet Family...

Grande Sofa (R) (Split options)

H95, W225, D100cm

Large Sofa (R)

H95, W192, D100cm

Medium Sofa (R)

H95, W158, D100cm

Small Sofa (R)

H95, W128, D100cm

Large Chiase LH (R) (Split option)

H95, W199, D160/100cm

Large Chiase RH (R) (Split option)

H95, W199, D160/100cm

Large Corner (R) 

H95, W280x280, D100cm

Medium Corner (R)

H95, W246x246, D100cm