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Matching your sofa to your house style

Our homes are carefully curated environments that surround us in comfort, inspiration, and ease. They’re also reflections of our own personal tastes - our histories, our passions, and our philosophies for living. Your sofas should fit the bill as well, suiting not only you but the home you’ve made for yourself, too. We produce a range of pieces, spanning from classic to contemporary, with an eye to offering a sofa to suit every home. If you’re looking to match your sofa to your interior style, read on for a few ideas to get you started…

Period Property

Period properties tend to be accented with characterful original features that give them a distinctive sense of place. With any luck, you’ll find yourself with the odd fireplace, large bay windows, and high, corniced ceilings. If you’re looking to emulate those design elements, look for a sofa with ornate scrolls or turned wooden legs. Button-backed designs with pulled detailing work well, too - especially in a large-scale Chesterfield style that will do justice to grander architectural proportions.

Modern House

Modern architecture tends to be streamlined and simple. So, when selecting a sofa, pare back any ornamentation in favour of clean lines and functionality. Take direction from geometricality in the architecture, opting for angular pieces that will maintain the serene visual effect of the space. Box-shaped sofas tend to be a good match for modern interiors - though, if you’re hoping to soften any elements of the space, our modular Crawford design works wonders while staying in that modern vein. Modular seating is a staple of modern homes, as well as a functional addition that allows the space to evolve as needed. You can always add or remove pieces to carve out a new footprint, or simply give the room a bit of a refresh. If you’d prefer a more relaxed, less structured effect, consider our perfectly nebulous Harriet design.


Bungalows tend to give you a lovely, sprawling floor plan that accommodates larger furniture particularly well. You may not have as much height to work with, so it’s important to maximise the expanse of the home with feature pieces that contribute to the open sense of scale. Our high-backed sofas are shallower in format, while still offering excellent support for supremely comfortable yet proportionally effective seating.

Country Cottage

Who doesn’t adore a quaint country cottage? Brimming with charm and personality , country cottages are home to plenty of traditional design features like wooden beams, brickwork, and log burners. To make the best use of them, pick up on the warmth and comfort they bring to the space and emulate that through your furnishings. Our Hartfield and Helena sofas are perfectly at home in a country setting, with an innately traditional quality to them. Their plush cushions and curvilinear designs speak to the softness of a classic country cottage, while maintaining a freshness that can brighten up spaces that may not get as much light as you’d like. If you’re concerned about castors on your floor, opt for the Cartwright, which offers that classic shape without the metal wheels.

1960s Style Semi and Detached House

The 60’s were quite a time for design, leaving a distinctive feel to the homes and furniture of the period.

We love a good retro revival at Arlo & Jacob and think our Elton would be a fabulous addition to a classic 60’s home. Reflecting some of the architectural curves of the period, it offers a striking, elegant silhouette, without compromising on comfort.

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