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9 Living Room Furniture Ideas for your Home

Are you looking to make a change, starting with a new living room scheme, or just fancy a quick refresh to spruce up what you already have? There are always some quick wins when it comes to living room furniture and decorating ideas, all of which vary depending on personal style and budget. You may have just moved into a new home and want to put your stamp on the interior, or simply find yourself feeling tired of your current look and want to inject some colour, pattern, or new furniture pieces into the space. Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, here are nine stunning ideas for living room furniture and décor.

Modular Sofa

Make the most of the space you have with a comfortable modular sofa. More contemporary in design than some other sofa styles, they can grow with your space. Not to mention, each unit can be upholstered in any fabric of your choosing, allowing you to play with colours and prints to get the perfect sofa that is unique to you.

Retro Furniture

Play around with furniture shapes and take a leaf out of your parent's/grandparent’s book by introducing some bold, elegant retro shapes and designs. With soft curved edges and elegant tapered legs, the furniture from the fifties and sixties is certainly still swinging. Choose retro prints and patterns for a touch of nostalgia, or make it modern with block coloured linen or velvet fabric.

Statement Chairs

People are stepping away from the three-piece sofa set and for good reason. The tired three-piece suite seems so rigid in comparison to all the furniture choices available. Why not pick a statement chair to really focus the eye and wow your visitors? Something like our Sofia rocker or Clara armchair would be ideal for making a splash in your living room.

Smart Storage

The key to a cohesive and ordered home is plenty of storage. Hiding away clutter as well as keeping floors and shelves free contribute towards that dreamy interior look we all long for in the pages of magazines. Opt for opaque storage with lids and avoid cheap plastic where possible for a more luxe feel. If you're tight on space, why not discover our living room furniture ideas for small spaces?

Colour-Coordinated Bookcase

A well organised and colour-coded bookcase is the perfect way to show off your favourite trinkets, ornaments, and tomes. By colour-coordinating your spines, you’ll create a Pinterest-worthy bookcase that is pleasing on the eye and will help create order in your space, all of which help to make a home more relaxing.

Area Rug

If you have an open plan living room, then a well-placed area rug can help to create zones. Or, a patterned rug can lift an otherwise neutral living room scheme. Our one rule when choosing a rug is to go big! Small rugs close the space in and make it feel much smaller.

Arc Lamp

An arc lamp is a design classic and a simple way of adding some drama to a room. The height and delicate curve structure will hang beautifully over a sofa or statement chair, positioned in a reading corner or bay window.

Give a Vintage Piece a New Lease on Life

Reupholstering a vintage footstool or fireside armchair in a modern fabric will give it a completely new lease on life. Plus, we can’t advocate enough the importance of reusing and recycling where possible to save money and our resources.

Fireplace Goals

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, make it a standout feature with eclectic hand painted tiles, or a brightly coloured surround.