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Living Room Furniture Ideas for Mobile Homes

Like any small living space, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to make it appear as if your home is far more spacious than the square footage will have you believe. We have already shared some of our top tips for how to decorate a small living room; however, here we take it to the next level and expand our living room furniture guide to include mobile homes. Follow these helpful hints and ideas for living room furniture for mobile homes.


If you genuinely don’t have the space for a full-sized sofa in your mobile home, fear not! A snuggler is a happy medium. On the whole, a snuggler can be described as wider than an armchair, but narrower than a small sofa. They have just enough room for two to sit comfortably and for one to stretch out, making them a suitable piece of living room furniture for mobile homes.

Storage Footstool

A footstool has so many more functions than its name suggests. They can double as an extra seat, can transform a sofa into a chaise sofa, work as a coffee table and are handy places to hide things when you opt for a storage design. Storage footstools are great for concealing clutter and squirreling things away but in a piece of furniture that serves as a comfortable and useful piece when the lid is closed as opposed to a storage unit that is pushed to one side, taking up space but not being used for anything else.

Blanket Box

When your space is narrow, like a hallway or at the end of a bed, there are still furniture solutions you can use to make the most of what limited space you have. A blanket box is an ideal piece to have at the end of the bed or in a hallway, or even to serve as a bench in the kitchen. The benefit of a blanket box is that you can store so much inside, all neatly concealed under a beautifully upholstered top.