Contemporary Chairs for Your Living Room

How to make the most of your living room, no matter its size? Follow our tips to improving your space with versatile contemporary chairs.

How best to bypass the limits of a tricky space? Whether on a tight budget, renting, or wrangling a small floorplan, contemporary chairs can redefine your home. For those without the option of renovating or extending, it’s the art of dividing up a space into distinct looks that makes it feel larger. “Instead of adopting an open plan strategy, segment your room into zones,” shares Laura Barnard, Arlo & Jacob’s Product Manager.

Divide your living room into mini-zones

Divide up your living room into zones and maximise every square foot advises Laura. “Start by creating two defined zones and use a modern chair as the anchor.” Section off your living space by arranging your chair as stylish island that includes a rug, lamp, indoor plant and side table. We love how far these basic elements can be stretched into a unique terrain such as the living room of @placefortyeight. Immediately, you feel inspired by the mix of classical with surprising combinations such as botanical prints and industrial features. The generous Poirot armchair from the @houseandgardenuk collection featured in Chintz Greenery, is given a masculine edge by the deep grey Farrow& Ball walls.

Treat your chair like a central character in your room

We are treating chairs now as central character for areas in our homes that we want to feel different,” says Laura. Dividing up a small space may seem counter-intuitive, however, by segmenting it with distinct zones, each area takes on its own character and atmosphere.
“The best contemporary chairs aren’t just about looking good, they create different areas,” she adds. “Focus on the spacing and placement of furniture to maximising your living room.” Our elegant Aragon as featured above, makes a stylish impact but also provides a cosy respite in any small room.

Segment your space with distinct zones

For an instant retreat, consider a Scandi-inspired chair such as the versatile Henry which features in the stylish home of @not_a_boring_new_build. We need our own areas to unwind especially after spending so much time in our home says Michelle Ogundehin. “Following city-wide lockdowns, many of us have learnt the importance of embracing small space living, championing creative and affordable solutions that establish a flexible and functional environment without compromising on character,” believes Michelle who shared her views in a recent Dezeen article.

Anchor your home with the winning combination of a rug and chair

Contemporary chairs have become the heavy lifters for dividing up a small space says Laura. "Even in a compact home, characterful handmade chairs bring instant charm and create a cosy corner." They can also help anchor an open space with a more homely feel. We love how Fiona Duke Interiors @fionadukeinteriors has created a restful living room with our Henry next a vintage side table.

Focus on the spacing and placement of furniture to maximise your living room

If you are struggling for space than opt for a generous snuggler such as our Pembroke over a sofa. Unlike sofas, which can dominate a smaller room, snugglers are as cosy but also easier to arrange. We love how Liisa Kermik from Like Studio Studio @like_design_studio styled our Pembroke to completely change the feeling of her all-white interior scheme.
Our relationships with our homes have changed, along with our idea of contemporary living. Where once style was valued more than comfort, now we crave a home that makes us feel good. If you are on a mission to breathe new life into your home, try using a classic chair as an inventive asset. Every nook becomes a precious space where you can hide away from the world on your favourite seat.

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