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When it comes to an interior, picking the right colours is often a make or break situation. Finding the right combinations can help to create a space that feels true to you and your personal taste, while remaining visually harmonious and enduringly stylish. Though, at the end of the day, decorating is about having a bit of fun and getting creative with your environment. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with COAT Paints to stroke a spirit of adventure while keeping you from going off the rails. Read on to get a handle for our first colour pairing recommendation…

Caprini, Honey x Biscuits for Breakfast

Alright, we’ll ease you into this! Let’s start with a creamy, neutral base warmed up by rich honey hues. COAT’s Biscuits for Breakfast paint has got a wonderfully soothing effect to it, with a hint of depth that really adds some intrigue. It’s a tried and true classic which sets just the right tone year-round. COAT co-founder, Rob Abrahams offers,” I think a consistently good approach is finding a colour which allows you to either link the undertone or create a complete contrast”. Here we’ve gone for the former, marrying two similarly neutral shades that each bring a little something of their own to the party.

Biscuits for Breakfast is a fabulous jumping-off point for our very own Honey coloured Caprini fabric. The fabric has got more warmth to it than the paint, thanks to darker, brassy tones as well as a shimmering texture which amplifies light. When the two are brought together, Biscuits for Breakfast cools off by comparison, keeping the feel of the room calm and contributing to a sense of spaciousness.

The two work especially well together thanks to the clean look of Biscuits for Breakfast combined with the textured, mutable effect of our Caprini fabric. The fibres play with light over the course of the day, catching it at different angles for a dynamic look. It’s amazing how the fabric can come alive in a blaze of sunshine, revealing a totally new interplay between the two colours.

To test out this winning combo in your home, order a Biscuits for Breakfast and Caprini, Honey swatch today! And don’t forget, we’re always on-hand to chat through your interior ideas. Book a free style consultation to talk colours, fabrics, and beyond!

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