Lazy Sunday: Top Tips for a Stress-Free Sunday


It’s so important to make the most of your Sunday and set yourself up for an awesome week ahead. Life Coach Carol Ann Rice has shared her top tips for a healthy and balanced start to your week. Just follow these simple steps for a stress-free Sunday and you’ll be rid of that dreaded Monday fear.

Top Tips for a Stress Free Sunday


• Schedule in some time out for a much needed treat. Whether this is reading a much loved book, catching up with friends, a nice bath or some creative cookery.

• Start those healthy habits. Try to cut back on coffee, sugar, alcohol and junk food that are quick fix pick-me-ups and try to eat organic, wholegrain foods, drink more water and up your fruit and vegetable intake.

• Resist using your bed to catch up with friends on your laptop or mobile this weekend. Switch off all screen action at least one hour before retiring; have a milky drink, bath, book and bed to ensure a good night’s sleep.

• Ensure you have the fixings for good healthy meals in the home. Sunday is the perfect day to plan your weeks menu and organise your groceries to be delivered.

• Have some fun! Put your favourite track on, dance round your living room and sing out loud. Sunday’s aren’t for being serious.

• Practice gratitude. Sometimes when those Monday blues descend it is worth noting all the good things you have in your life.


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