Lazy Sunday: Top Tips for Meditating in The Home


If you do anything this Sunday, make sure you take some well deserved time out for yourself. Our busy modern lives mean it’s important to take a step back, clear our mind and truly chill out. Gone are the days where mediation is just for expertly trained yogis, the the rise of mindfulness means it’s accessible to all, just about anywhere!

So what are the benefits of mediation? We asked expert Rohan Gunatillake, the creative director of Mindfulness Everywhere, maker of the best-selling mindfulness app Buddhify and author of This Is Happening. "The core benefits of meditation are that it develops our ability to be self-aware, calm, balanced and kind - both to ourselves and to others. Then dependent on what our lives are like and where we need those qualities the most, we see the results in things like better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus and the ability to deal with difficult emotions and experiences." So pop your feet up, get comfy and have a read of these top tips for meditating in the home.

Pick the perfect spot

First it’s important to choose the perfect spot in your home, somewhere that will instantly transport you to that calm and clear place. Find somewhere comfortable, relaxing and quiet. You can sit anyway you like but we recommend propping yourself up on an upright and comfy chair, feet resting on the floor, hands placed on your lap. We love taking time out on our robust Berkeley armchair, it’s all-encompassing wing arms and button back helps to create a truly sumptuous spot.

top tips for meditation


Set the mood

Once you’ve got your spot, help set a relaxed mood. Whether this is be through lighting a calming candle or using a few drops of your favourite essential oils like sandalwood or camomile. Lowering the lights and switching on a dimmed side light or fairy lights can also help to create that mindful space.

Choose a Time and Stick To It

When meditating, its worth choosing a time of the day and sticking to it. Whether this be in the morning, daytime or evening really depends on your daily routine. Mediation shouldn’t feel like a hassle or time waster, so choose a time that doesn’t disrupt your routine. Ultimately its all about experimenting and finding out what feels right for you.

Be Kind to Yourself

We can all miss a session, just don’t beat yourself up if you do. Try to remove all expectation and end goals, just take each session as it comes. Although research has shown mediating everyday is highly beneficial, don’t worry is this doesn’t fit into your schedule. Find a balance and be kind to yourself.

Choose an App That’s Right For You

There’s no reason why you can’t mediate on your own, but we find to get started it’s really helpful to get guidance and encouragement from the experts. It’s worth shopping around but we recommend apps such as Buddhify, Headspace and Mindfulness App.