Lazy Sunday: Top Five Holiday Reads


Whether you’re popping your feet up on the sofa, or sprawled out on a sun lounger by the pool, nothing beats sitting back and relaxing with a good book. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hopeless romantic, a thrill seeker or a sensitive soul, we’ve pulled out our favourite summer novels for every reader! Whether you’re on a stay-cation or by the sea, we can guarantee to keep you on the edge of your seat with our top five holiday page turners!


Top holiday reads


Girl on the Train
Paula Hawkins

If you’re one for psychological thrillers, this is the one for you. Young Rachel takes the same train every morning and night. However, one day she sees something shocking and her life is changed forever. Best seller of 2015, this story will forever change the way you look into other people’s lives.


The Magpies
Mark Edwards

Inspired by a real-life nightmare, The Magpies will have you hooked after the very front page. Young newlyweds Jamie and Kirsty move into their dream home. Everything seems perfect and the surrounding people in the building seem nice, but then everything starts to go terrifyingly wrong…


The One Plus One
Jo Jo Moyes

Author of the immensely popular Me Before You releases her second best seller, The One Plus One. A hot new read that weaves together the story of a modern yet unconventional romance with twists and turns like you would never believe.


The Lemon Grove
Helen Walsh

Don’t head to the beach without this! A tense narrative following the story of a married woman who falls for her stepdaughter's boyfriend while on a family holiday in Mallorca.


The Last act of Love
Cathy Rentzenbrink

Cue the tears! An astonishing, poignant and courageously honest account regarding a sister's love for her brother who was injured in a car accident and remained crippled for eight years.