Lazy Sunday: Pom Pom masterclass with Wool and the Gang


Why not take on some light hearted DIY this weekend and make your very own Pom Pom. Our friends at Wool and the Gang have shared this super easy 3 minute tutorial to create the perfect Pom. Whether you stich these onto throws and cushions or tie together to make a garland, they make great fluffy additions to any room.



THE TOOLS: Crazy Sexy Wool (leftovers) and scissors!

• Hold the tail of yarn firmly in your hand under your thumb.

• Start to wrap (not too tightly!) around your fingers, as neatly as you can.



• Wrap around your hand roughly 40 times. The denser you want your Pom Pom the the more wool you will need to wrap around your hand.


• Slide off your hand…
• Snip off an extra bit of wool and place underneath and tie it in a tight knot.



• Time to get scissor happy! Now you turn it to the side and start cutting through the wool. All the way round!



• Start trimming the Pom Pom so it starts to become even and neat. You can cut it down to whatever size you like.



• Give it a little love by fluffing it up in your hands ruffling the Pom Pom to see if any sneaky bits of wool got missed.