Lazy Sundae: Kelly’s of Cornwall Knickerbocker Glory


Tuck into this fabulously fruity Knickerbocker Glory from Kelly’s of Cornwall for a truly indulgent weekend treat. Clotted Cream Ice Cream layered with tangy fruit and crunchy honeycomb, this is the perfect sundae for a perfect Sunday.

Kelly's Ice-cream Sundae


Prep Time:
15 minutes

250g raspberries
1 passion fruit
Honeycomb pieces
3tbsp icing sugar
25ml orange juice
Kelly's of Cornwall Clotted Cream Ice Cream
75g strawberries cut in quarters
75g blueberries

*Whizz together 175g of the raspberries along with the sugar and orange juice. Push through a fine sieve to remove the pips, if you wish.

*Take 2 tall glasses and start to build your Knickerbocker Glory. Layer large scoops of Kelly's of Cornwall Clotted Cream Ice Cream with alternating raspberries, strawberries, passion fruit, blueberries and the raspberry coulis – finishing with the broken honeycomb pieces and a dollop of Kelly’s.

*Serve with nothing more than a spoon!