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Lazy Sunday: Diwali Craft Lotus Tealights


The biggest and brightest Indian celebration is just round the corner and we’re getting prepared for the festival of lights with these crafty Lotus Tealights from blogger Design Décor & Disha. Super easy to make and totally unique, these festive centrepieces are perfect for brightening up the home this Diwali.

Diwali Tealights


You'll need:

* Acrylic Rhinestones, teardrop and circular shapes in different colours

* Cardboard

* Tealights

* Glue

* Scissors


Diwali Tealights on Glass Coffee Table


To make the Lotus Tealights:

* First cut out cardboard discs (as many discs as you want to make lotus tealights). The size of the disc should be 3 inches larger than the tealight. Now apply some glue at the base of tealight and stick it in the centre of the disc.

* Once this has dried, start sticking circular rhinestones in the lightest shade around the base of the tealight.

* Then stick teardrop rhinestones in the darkest shade, on the outer edge of the circle.

* Let this first layer dry before continuing.

* Next choose a lighter shade of teardrop rhinestones and stick these on by overlapping onto the first layer, placing them in the gaps made by the first rhinestones.

* Once all the rhinestones are stuck on and hide the cardboard disc, your lotus tealight is ready

* Optional: stick a string of golden beads around tealight to give it that extra touch of elegance.



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