Lazy Sunday: Top 5 Children's Bedroom Accessories


As much as adults need a place to relax and unwind, so do the little ones. With that in mind, why not give your child a treat and spruce up their bedroom for summer? We’ve chosen our five favourite bedroom accessories to help make their space feel as special as they are.


Hopper Table Lamp – David Hunt Lighting

The shade of this stunning table lamp is Taupe on bronze laminate, however there are 17 different colour shades available to suit different styles and colour schemes. Absolutely perfect for Alice in Wonderland fans!

David Hunt Rabbit Light


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Daniel Heath Cushion – Arlo & Jacob

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this beautiful, hand printed linen cushion. Inspired by the circus and available in both china blue and mustard, it’s a pillow in which magical dreams take place.

Daniel Heath Cushion


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Night Night Mini Blanket in Light Blue – Donna Wilson

This silky soft knitted blanket features a beautiful starry night sky. It is perfect for snoozing, snuggling and keeping toes warm!

Night night mini blanket in light blue


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RAR Armchair - Vita Eames

A rocking chair not only provides a great place for bedtime story reading, but somewhere for your child to wind down and relax. The soothing rocking motion of this Vita Eames chair is extremely comforting, and is an adorable touch to any room.

RAR Armchair


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Waddling Ducks Steamer Trunk – Anorak

Make tidying-up fun with this brilliantly British themed steamer trunk. It is absolutely superb for storing away shoes, books and toys, and can aid the the daunting process of decluttering untidy bedrooms. This modern twist on a timeless classic is absolute must.

Anorak Trunk


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