Lazy Sunday: Book Review


Looking for a great read to get stuck into this month? Well, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the best books on the market – so whether you’re a Kindler or an good old paperbacker – put your feet up and get stuck into one of these gems.

Famous British Books



The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
If you’re longing for a book that shakes you up, here it is. The Goldfinch follows a young Theo Decker across the globe with a newly acquired masterpiece worth millions. This rich, moreish novel is a whopping chunk of brilliant storytelling, with photographic descriptions and characters with warmth and grit. It’s an international best-seller for good reason - it grips you firmly from start to finish.
The Goldfinch Book by Donna Tartt


Alfred Hitchcock by Peter Ackroyd
Whilst you can’t help but be familiar with the Hitchcock brand – his iconic film works and notorious personal quirks – how much do we really know about the man himself? A much-mused on figure, Ackroyd attempts to get to know the man behind the persona in this absorbing biography. According to Ackroyd, Hitchcock was a man much shaped by his strict, Catholic upbringing and his early years in London. This biography reveals both personal and cinematic insights in a slim volume that is easily digestible – perfect to polish off in an afternoon!
Peter Ackroyd Book by Alfred Hitchcock


Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward
Deliciously Ella, the delightful bestselling cookbook from Ella Woodward, is a firm favourite on our coffee table. The beautifully-shot dishes and interesting nutritional blurb makes for excellent lazy Sunday reading. Containing over 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes, Deliciously Ella is surprisingly accessible with easy-to-follow recipes using simple ingredients. We love tucking into the sin-free Blueberry, Banana and Raisin muffins, and highly recommend whipping up a batch of Ella’s beetroot soup for a tasty lunch.

Deliciously Ella Cookbook



The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
If you’re a fan of a nail-biting thriller then look no further than this London-based noir. The Girl On The Train interweaves the story of three women but with tragic consequences. Hawkins skilfully builds tension and leaves the reader suspicious about whom to believe as the story develops. Impressively, Hawkins even manages to induce empathy even for the flawed protagonist, Rachel, in this page-turner.

The Girl On The Train Book by Paula Hawkins



The C-Word by Lisa Lynch
If you missed this the first time round, then fear not. This moving true story is now firmly back on the bestseller shelves after the success of the BBC drama of the same name. A high-flying journalist, Lisa found herself diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 30. Lisa’s joie de vivre and no-nonsense manner shines through every page in this heartbreaking yet hilarious tale of her battle with cancer.

The C Word Book by Lisa Lynch