Know How: The ultimate guide to family-friendly sofas

We champion family life at Arlo & Jacob, which is why our sofas are built to last everything a modern-day family (and the dog) can throw at them. We know families come in all shapes and sizes, with teenagers, toddlers, furry friends and grandparents. Your furniture needs to work for you and your home, which is why we offer such a vast range of styles and sizes. Not only that, we handpick fabrics that we can recommend to families to stand the test of time and outlast all the wear and tear of everyday life. So with that said, here’s our ultimate sofa guide to the best family-friendly sofas and fabrics to choose from.

Large & Grande Sofas

Where space will allow, a large three-seater or four-seater sofa is a family-friendly option. By having three seat cushions, you immediately invite more than two people to sit on the sofa. There’s something innate about people wanting their own space and individual seat cushion to sit on, so a three-cushioned sofa is the way to go to keep more people happy. Grande sofas can even accommodate up to four people (plus they look rather magnificent), so if you have a particularly large living room (and family), then one of our four-seater sofas, like the Darcy Grande or Tennison Grande (pictured here) is the right choice for you.

tennison blue check sofa

Corner Sofas

A corner sofa unit makes the most of your given living space. A corner sofa will snuggly fit into the corner of most rooms, maximising the amount of seated room. They’re super comfy and ideal for piling everyone on for movie nights in and cuddling up together around a bucket of popcorn. Just make sure to take into account any shelves or radiators fitted to walls that could affect a snug fit.

Crawford modular corner sofa

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are a good choice when you have a growing family. Not only do they give you the flexibility to build your sofa your way, but you can also add and remove pieces where needed, as you have members join and leave the family home. With footstools and chaise pieces, they can be extended lengthways, as well as widthways when you add single seat units.

Ferdinand compact medium sofa

Compact Sofas

Size isn’t everything! You may not need to accommodate half a football team; perhaps it’s just you and your partner in your family home? Or maybe you're downsizing after the kids have moved out? Well, a compact sofa sounds like the right choice for you. Our compact sofas have shallower seats and petite proportions, which are ideal for when there’s just two of you to get comfy. Their compact size means that there is more space to move around and to display other pieces of furniture. Our Ferdinand range could be an excellent choice for your family sofa.

family-friendly fabrics

Family-friendly sofa fabric guide

Family-friendly sofa fabrics are affordable, durable but most importantly soft and comfortable. You want them to last, stand up to stains and continue to look as smart as the day the furniture arrived. Our House Weave, Stirling and Dumble are just a few of our house fabrics which do just that.

Some of our fabrics, like our new House Weave, are water repellent, giving you more time to mop up spills before they seep into the material, preventing any long-term damage.

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