Know How: How To De-Stress Your Home

Your home along with everything in it should be your sanctuary; a respite from modern-day stresses that include work, everyday family life and finances. It is no secret that stress-related health issues are on the rise and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of our stress-busting tips for you to adopt in your homes, with the hope that they will create a happier, healthier living environment.

For many, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep can be a challenge. One helpful change could be to install blackout blinds in your bedroom to aid in getting a restful night’s sleep, especially in the summer months. Clever remote controlled versions allow you to open and close the blinds from the comfort of your bed if you’re about to nod off.

black out blinds in loft

Unwanted noise pollution can be a real distraction, especially if you live in the city or near a busy road. Sirens, car alarms and noisy neighbours can add to an already long list of stress factors. Sound reducing windows are one way of decreasing the amount of noise polluting your living spaces, creating a more tranquil and peaceful environment.

Decluttering and organising can seem like an overly simple answer, but don’t underestimate the power of a tidy home. Consider furniture with secret storage compartments as a way of concealing clutter and freeing up floor space, especially in smaller rooms or apartments where you often feel cramped and deprived of extra room. Never forget the saying; ‘Tidy house, tidy mind.’

grey blanket box

Invest in a comfortable sofa that is made for relaxing after a long, hard day. Where possible, use furniture to create zones: you want your living space to be warm and inviting, with plenty of areas to snuggle down for some quality time with a book or to watch your favourite series. Your aim is to create a space you want to spend time in; so think about pillowy-soft snuggler sofas and daybeds that will give you any excuse to kick-back and unwind in peace and quiet. Accessorise with luxuriously soft throws and feather-filled scatter cushions to make the space even more inviting. Also, think about the types of fabric you want to use; pure cotton and velvet is desirably soft and warmer to lay on compared to leather, and loud, jazzy patterns can be great for accessorising, but you may prefer your sofa to be upholstered in something more subtle to evoke calm feelings.

purple daybed chaise chair

Plants and scented candles are a thrifty and effective way of transforming your home into a pillar of tranquillity. House plants remind us of the outdoors and are said to help alleviate stress; try to find ones that require minimum maintenance. Lighting a candle is almost ritualistic and helps send a message to your brain that it’s time to switch off and enjoy some precious ‘me’ time.


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