Know How: How To Choose The Perfect Corner Sofa


Corner sofas can offer luxurious comfort and contemporary elegance, but with so many styles, shapes and sizes, choosing the perfect one can often feel like a daunting task. We’ve compiled our top tips to help you find the corner sofa of your dreams.

Philo Sofa Chaise


The perfect fit

Before making any decisions on style and colour, it’s important to measure your living space and draw up a simple floor plan. This will save any spatial awareness issues later on and prevent any unprecedented delivery stress! There really is a corner sofa out there for every type of room and it’s all about getting the logistics right first, so measure and measure again.

Chaise or Corner Group?

Both stylish in their own right, choosing between a chaise or corner group totally depends on your own taste and living room design. Chaise sofas are perfect for those wanting a slight extension of their traditional two-seater, a space to put your feet up and totally sofa slouch. We think our Bardolph Scatterback Chaise Sofa is the best choice for sheer comfort. These designs work well in smaller rooms and also look great in traditional living room sets. The L shape of a Corner Group offers a more contemporary look and works well in large living rooms, such as our Pembroke Corner Group. They can either be positioned in the corner of a room or placed in a way which divides the room, to create an extra space in an open plan space.

Pembroke Corner Sofa


What’s LHF and RHF?

LHF (Left Hand Facing) refers to a chaise sofa whose longest side is on the left and RHF (Right Hand Facing) vice-versa, determining where the longest part of the sofa will lie. Whichever design you choose really depends on the shape of your room. You don’t want to choose a sofa which ends up blocking off an important part area for instance.

Design and colour

Large corner sofas will undoubtedly be the main focus of a room, so we suggest opting for a block colour in neutral and understated tones. With a small chaise style you can be slightly bolder and a subtle pattern can create a contemporary statement, like our Bardolph Chaise in Geometric Mineral pictured below. The fabric and colour choice can be the most important step in choosing the perfect sofa, so make sure you do some research. Head to our fabric page here to order eight free samples.

Bardolph Sofa Chaise



It’s worth taking into consideration the function you want your sofa to have. If you have a large family or frequent guests we would recommend a corner group or a three-seater chaise, such as our Philo Large Chaise. These designs can also offer a comfortable extra place for guests to stay overnight. Smaller chaise sofas on the other hand don’t offer much ‘sitting’ space and are best suited for two.