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How to Care for Linen Upholstery

Discover how to care for linen to keep it looking fresh, chic and clean. Follow our top tips and your sofa will love you forever.

We adore natural linen upholstery for creating a sophisticated, sustainable and relaxed look. It feels timeless and effortless due to its tactile feel and textured appearance. Further, its a much loved sustainable and natural material made from flax. Due to its naturalness, it is upholstery that will crease, and this adds to both its character and charm, and shouldn't be thought of as a flaw. But how do you care for your linen fabric sofa and help its upholstery to age well? Read on for the best way to maintain its beauty. 

Vacuum your Linen Sofa Regularly

How to clean linen slipcovers? To prevent crumbs and dust from damaging the fabric, be sure to vacuum your sofa regularly. Vacuuming also prevents smaller particles embedding themselves between the weave. Lift any unfixed cushions and vacuum underneath and along all seams. This will help to keep your furniture looking smart and to prevent any long-term damage. Plus, use either a furniture brush or clothes brush to remove pet hair and any smaller surface dirt.

Don’t Rub Stains or Spills

If something spills on your furniture, use a clean, damp cloth to soak up the liquid. Don’t scrub, this will damage the surface of the fabric. Darker linens are more heavily dyed, so please bear this in mind for any spot cleaning as the dye may lift, leaving a lighter patch. We advise professional cleaming only and always recommend our stellar Staingard 5 year insurance policy at point of purchase.

Direct Sunlight

When it comes to sunlight, what's the best practice for linen fabric sofa upholstery care? Linen furniture is not suited to places in direct sunlight as the fabric can become sun-damaged. If you are going to put your linen sofa in a conservatory, then be sure to fit blinds or curtains to the windows to prevent direct exposure to sunlight. If your living room is naturally bathed in sunlight, we would recommend choosing lighter coloured linen to prevent any obvious fading.


Staingard is still the best option when you purchase your linen furniture to protect it against all future damages and spills. If your linen sofa has been protected with a Staingard dry insurance policy, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that a professional at-home care team is on hand to help repair damages. Its nice you’re covered by a genuine ‘clean, care or replace’ policy.

Find out more about our Staingard option here.