Know-How: Create Staycation Style at  Home

Jackson loose cover sofa perfect for staycation summer style

How to create the feeling of a holiday escape in your own home?

If you are staying put this summer, why not refresh your home with a staycation makeover says Laura Barnard, Arlo & Jacob's Head of Product.

"After spending so much time in our homes we are looking to make them feel lighter and fresher," she shares. “Our homes have the potential to trigger the imagination, and if people can't physically travel, then it’s time to bring more relaxing elements into our interiors."

There are simple design codes you can introduce which can easily capture that holiday feeling," advises Laura.

Explore our helpful tips.

Perfect Staycation sofa in linen Jackson loose cover chaise sofa

Embrace Summer Fabrics

"If you want to refresh your home, introduce lighter shades and earthy fabrics like linen," says Laura.

Soft, breathable and  chic "we have seen a growing demand for sofas in linen," says Laura. "It offers a more sustainable style and feels grounded in both the British seaside and countryside."

Choose warm tones that are grounded and nurturing. "Vacation style is about creating more light," says Laura. "Our linens include a more sophisticated palette with uplifting colours that are timeless and laid-back."

The new colour palette includes golden beige, pink clay, moss green, soft olive and earthy orange.

One smart option is to invest in furniture with  slipcovers says Laura because “suddenly you can completely change a room's personality into an updated summer vibe.”

 The uplifting Jackson sofa, from the House & Garden Collection, is the perfect staycation sofa with its linen slipcover, clean lines and a fashionable box pleat skirt.



Jemima rocking chair is the perfect staycation chair

The Return of Rural Style

Our desire for the rural idyll will be a major trend in 2020 and beyond. "It's a movement towards wanting more open space and it’s more a connection to nature," says Laura. Bring some countryside charm into your home with a mid-century inspired rocking chair such as the Jemima.

“There is something about a rocking chair that instantly relaxes and makes you feel that life has slowed down,” shares Laura. “It also feels amazing to sit in one out in the garden on a hot summer's day.”

Poirot Sofa is a staycation delight with its botanic print

A bouquet of botanical prints

"There is a movement away from urban  built-up design and people are looking to retreat," explains Laura. "Either they want to invest in a nice retreat, or they want to create that feeling of being close to nature."

Explore nature-themed home accessories, wallpaper and bespoke pieces such as the Poirot sofa from the House & Garden Collection featured in 'Leilani' fabric by Australian textile designer, Anna Sprio.

“We Josef Frank's bodacious mid-century prints have also made an incredible comeback,” says Laura, “Pretty prints like Anna Spiro' s transports us to a wildflower meadow.”

Charlotte Sofa by Arlo & Jacob is perfect for staycation style

Bring more lounge into your room

“When someone buys a vacation home, they are looking for a place to which they can regularly escape the pressures of their everyday life,” says Laura. “They are looking for that get-away retreat where they can reconnect and rest.”

"You want to reinvent your space because you're not going anywhere. It's the perfect time to re-imagine  in terms of bringing in fresh colour and texture."

Slow living starts with a sofa that allows you to lounge in style. “Our Charlotte feels part-bed, part-lounge,” shares Laura. “It’s generous, comfortable and in white linen it feels as though it will transport you to a faraway place without leaving your home.”

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