Know How: Choosing the Right Style for Your Home


Arlo & Jacob Sketches and Moodboard

1. Make a mood board to identify your favourite style
Your home should be a reflection and an extension of who you are, so think about your favourite objects and possessions, your favourite interior styles, whether you prefer minimalistic interiors or having lots of things on display, and start putting together a mood board of the style you would like to achieve for your own home.

2. Compare your choice of theme and style against the style of the house.
Would that style suit and compliment the style of the house? If it’s a modern very angular property with metals and glass then chintzy florals and wooden country house furniture could look out of place, and vice versa.

3. Is the style practical?
If you have children you might want to consider furniture that’s “sticky-finger-proof” and not too fragile (our family-friendly fabrics are perfect for this). If you have pets you will know how light hair will show up more clearly on dark fabrics, and vice versa. You may also want to consider wipe-down surfaces and floors instead of textured surfaces to make cleaning up easier and to avoid stained carpets.

4. Can you live with the style?
Bold design choices, loud colours and fashion statements can date and tire quickly. Make sure that the style you choose is one that you and your family will be happy coming home to and living in for a long period of time.

5. Invest.
Invest in a few key pieces that are durable and of lasting quality, then you can spend less on accessorising and design details that you can change and update more easily.

Arlo & Jacob Darcy, Montague & Elton Sofas Sketch