Know How: How to pick the perfect snuggler sofa

A snuggler, or as they are sometimes known, loveseat, is perhaps an overlooked piece of furniture; however, they can be extremely useful thanks to their compact size and various styles. Autumn and winter are the perfect months to invest in snugglers as you start preparing for the cold weather and spending weekends indoors as opposed to outside. Weekends spent reading, watching films and playing board games are made all the more fun from the comfort of a snuggler: the perfect resting spot for two. Here’s our guide to snugglers and how they can be used in your living space.

cartwright snuggler

What is a loveseat or snuggler?

Loveseats date back to around the 18th century and, unlike the name suggests, were actually designed to accommodate ladies and their fuller dresses, as opposed to a courting couple. The seat and the name took off, and they have been in production ever since. Just like sofas and armchairs, snugglers and loveseats come in a range of sizes and styles. The most important thing to note about a snuggler is that it’s not a sofa and it’s not a chair; it bridges the size gap in-between. Snugglers are exceptionally useful for smaller homes, bedrooms, hallways, reading nooks and anywhere that space might be tight, but when you want to provide more than enough seating room for one. They are more inviting than a single chair, but more intimate than a larger sofa and therefore can be used to make a small space seem more inviting.

hartfield snuggler


Our snuggler sofas come in all styles: modern, classic, traditional, contemporary, you name it! And just like our sofas and armchairs, can be upholstered in almost any fabric, so you really can create a custom snuggler that’s right for your space.

Our snugglers generally have one large seat cushion, which is wider than an armchair cushion in order to accommodate two people, without the cushions parting, or one person feeling like they’ll fall down the middle.

theodore snuggler

If you’re opting for a contemporary style, you might consider cotton fabrics in block colours to complement the simple silhouette, whereas, for more classic shapes, you might pick a richer coloured velvet or wool fabric as a nod to the period-inspired piece it was inspired by.

Holmes snuggler

If you live in a period style home, we’d suggest choosing one of our more traditional style snugglers, like the Holmes, Cartwright or Hartfield. For modern properties, one of our contemporary snugglers, like the Theodore, Dixon or Elton, with their clean lines and angular design will definitely do the trick.

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