Know How: Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Family


To your little ones your sofa is a place for acrobatics, a napkin for sticky fingers and a place to drop crumbs. That’s why investing in a hardwearing and easy-to-clean sofa that will stand the test of time is a must. Choosing the right fabric needn’t mean compromising on style, with a wide range of stunning fabrics to choose from. The family-friendly collection offers comfortable and versatile fabrics, with hypoallergenic qualities for easy care upholstery, which is durable but beautifully soft to the touch.


Our furry friends can create a real mess too: fur, claws and mucky paws can all stain and damage your sofa. Choosing a heavy-duty fabric is important, where fur can easily be brushed off and dirt wiped clean. Protecting the sofa from both children and pets needn’t be a struggle by taking extra precautions with the Staingard finishing method, which helps prevent long-term damage from general wear and tear.