Know How: Accessories That Compliment Your Sofa


An armchair can be the perfect partner to your sofa, offering an extra seat to enjoy a good book or for friend and family. Choosing fabric is important, so think about the look and style you want to create. Whether it is a traditional, modern or eclectic interior you are after, there is an armchair and sofa combination to fit every taste.
In a traditional living space, keep styles and upholstery fabrics in complementary styles and shades for a cohesive look, as every Arlo and Jacob sofa has a sister armchair. However, to create a more eclectic look choose pieces, with influence from different design eras, to add a quirky feel to the room.

Know How Accessories That Compliment Your Sofa


A footstool will not only offer a place to rest wear legs but provides an additional style dimension to the room. Similar to an armchair, the footstool you choose can either complement your sofa or contrast, through the colour of legs or upholstery. For those apprehensive of bringing bright colours or patterns into a living space, a footstool is the ideal piece of furniture to introduce a pop of colour, such as our dinky Dalloway in Geometric - Chartreuse print. More than just a footstool, our stylish Watson footstool offers a clever storage solution, making it great for tidying away throws and magazines.

Know How Footstools That Compliment Your Sofa


Scatter cushions
Nothing says chic like a well-dressed sofa. Scatter cushions are a great way to use colour, texture and print, and add extra comfort. Mixing and matching cushions can create a fun, relaxing space, and are a great way to tie a scheme together, choosing tones and hues, which match other furniture or objects in the room.
To add a touch of designer chic to your home, why not opt for our specially credited Jessica Zoob or Daniel Heath cushions. Jessica Zoob has created an impressionist print cushion, which can be the perfect way to brighten up any room, while the Daniel Heath cushion, inspired by the circus, offers a delightful whimsical touch.