Home Décor Ideas: 7 Stylish Kitchen Sofa Ideas

A sofa in the kitchen might not be your first thought when it comes to furniture purchases, but converting your dining space into a multi-functional seating area can provide multiple benefits. Many people like to have a social environment while they cook, ideal for when you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or watching the kids do their homework while you cook. A kitchen sofa will transform your space; not to mention it can divide a large open-plan living space into various zones. Here some of our favourite kitchen sofa ideas for your home.

philo medium grey sofa

1. Small sofa ideas for kitchens

A small sofa can be the ideal size if your kitchen is already a little cramped or short on space (or perhaps for a galley kitchen). Push it up against a wall or into an alcove, and you can turn an otherwise unused space into something far more inviting.

Elton snuggler pink chair

2. Choose Durable Fabrics

The right fabric choice is imperative when it comes to a high-traffic area that’s prone to spills and food stains. Something water-resistant, wipeable with a very high rub count is ideal; our House Weave fabrics, or Aquaclean Chenille, are our most affordable and sensible choices for a kitchen sofa.

3. Small corner sofa

Many people consider a built-in bench or corner unit for a kitchen or dining room, but they can be hard and uncomfortable. A small corner sofa could work equally well in such a small corner area but provide far more comfort.

4. Removable cover sofas

When your kitchen sofa is at risk or marks, stains and spills, why not consider a removable cover sofa? The cover can be taken off for professional cleaning should any damage occur that you can’t remove yourself. Consider Staingard as a smart option for any sofa, especially a kitchen sofa.

Jackson loose cover sofa

5. Blanket Boxes/Storage Bench

If you’re concerned about space (especially depth), have you considered a blanket box? Our blanket boxes have a padded top which is ideal for sitting on, are slimmer than our sofas, and have the benefit of providing storage inside. If you’re tight on space, a blanket box could be the most sensible solution to your kitchen sofa needs.

Salisbury blanket box

6. Sofas on high legs

We all know that kitchen floors can quickly become messy with food, crumbs and spills. A sofa with high legs is much easier to clean under in comparison to a plinth style sofa or one with short box feet. The higher off the ground, the easier it will be to wipe up dust and crumbs without having to move the sofa.

7. Large corner sofas

Providing you have the space, such as a large open-plan kitchen-diner, then a large corner sofa acts as a separator to divide the space into two zones; one for eating and the other for relaxing and socialising.

Ferdinand compact corner sofa

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