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Interior Moodboards

With a wealth of bright design ideas whizzing through the mind it can be tough to envision the final product in all its glory. We find it helps to get those thoughts down on paper and experiment with form, colour, pattern, and texture in one place. That’s why we offer a complimentary moodboarding service! Sit down with a friendly member of the team to parse out what you’re hoping to make of your space and get a visual on how each element will work together. We can even work out floor plans to ensure you get the flow of your space just right. It’s a surefire ‘try before you buy’ method that always helps to build on ideas and instill an extra cushion of confidence. 

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From Sketch to Sofa


When Emma Taylor came to us with a bold and beautiful vision for the living space of her 19th-century farmhouse, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to help. Her ideas were brave - in the most fabulous sense of the word - and we couldn’t wait to be a part of bringing them to life with our furniture. Emma made full use of our moodboarding service to get all the details nailed before putting them into practice. The process is aimed at both ironing out which elements will work well together and instilling confidence in a design direction. In this case, we’d say it paid off in spades, as we take a look at her stunning new space! Read on to hear more about how it all came to be…

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