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Sarah Corbett-Winder

On the Sofa with Sarah

As we splash into spring, we’re all eyes for new ways of bringing liveliness to our homes! A cursory glance into the world of fashion stylist, Sarah Corbett-Winder will reveal her standing as a true queen of maximalism. She manages to do it with style and tact, drawing together classic and contemporary influences to produce spaces with true character. Her home, much like her wardrobe, is a treasure trove of patterns and colours. So, who better to ask for a bit of fresh style inspiration? Over to Sarah…

How would you describe your style ethos? 

Classic with a twist, playful but grown up, earthy, more is more, and if in doubt add a stripe.

Do you find there’s some overlap in how you approach getting dressed and decorating your home?

Oh my gosh, YES! They are so similar. When it comes to my wardrobe as well as my clients’ wardrobes, I always ensure that a ‘new addition’ goes with ‘the family’, being one’s existing clothes and accessories. This is exactly the same with interiors. If a piece fits with your family (whether it’s an existing or developing scheme) then you have so many options of where you can house it. If it doesn’t, you won’t wear it, or won’t want it out on display! I’m sure we’ve all done that - bought something we love but it doesn’t go with anything else we own. Also, clothes and your home are both your way of expressing yourself. They are your very own canvases, so have fun! You can do what you want - there are no rules!

What are your go-to colours when it comes to your interior?

People laugh but I’m very drawn to brown. We often get called the ‘Brown Family’! It’s a neutral, though - I mean, what doesn’t it go with? I love greens and mustards, too. I’m open to a lot of colours but I prefer them to be more earthy tones than super bright ones. 

You have a real knack for combining patterns - can you offer some tips?

So, two things: The first approach I’d recommend is sticking to the same colour. For example, our spare room is blue - with blue check and blue stripes, all in different shades. This helps to stop it looking too crazy. Or you can always just play with stripes! I mean, they sort of all go, don’t they? Trust your gut and also ask yourself if you’ll get bored of it in a couple of years. I always say if in doubt add a stripe, but also remember that you need to live with it!

Are there any seasonal updates you’re making around the house as we head into warmer months?

I’ve been joking with my husband (/not joking), that we’re going to paint the outside of the house in stripes…I love an update, especially around spring time. We’re hopefully adding some stripes to our hallway and landings, which I think will be fun. I’m thinking horizontal to make it unexpected. Our youngest daughter will go into a bed soon, so we’ll build a bed into the wall for her, which I’m really excited about. We’ll make it super cosy and nesty. Also our kitchen bench cushion is going to be updated. I’m thinking we’ll create our own stripes with two fabrics, and maybe even paint stripes on the wooden frame. I have a constant ‘update list’ and one’s house is always evolving. It’s such fun - like a constant work in progress. Though, I am not sure my husband would agree!

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