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Get the Look: Fool Me Once


Get the Look: Fool Me Once

(Image: Netflix)

Harlan Coben’s new thriller, Fool Me Once has splashed onto Netflix to rapt audiences the UK over. At Arlo & Jacob, we can’t get enough of the intrigue - or the often scene-stealing set design! If, like us, you’re looking for ways to live a little longer in the world they’ve created, look no further. We’ve rounded up a few fabulous furniture pieces to help you recreate the ambiance at home…

Maya's Playroom

Recreate Maya’s sunny playroom with bright splashes of paint and some standout seating! If you love the classic look of her buttoned armchair in laidback dusty rose upholstery, check out our Grantley chair. It’s a handmade beauty that echoes the best of British style, with deep seats and luxurious design details throughout. Dress it in our Blush coloured House Velvet to nail the look.

Make like Maya and complete the effect with a matching sofa! We’d suggest our Hartfield design in a Blush toned Caprini fabric. The small size is perfect for a playroom and built to fit little ones! Each one comes with lovely turned hardwood legs and optional brass castors, delivering a hit of old world elegance. Like all our sofas, the Hartfield comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured it’s prepared for even the most spirited of kids!

Judith’s Drawing Room

(Image: Arley Hall)

If you’re all about old-school charm with a dash of opulence, it’s no wonder you’d be a fan of Judith’s drawing room! With floor-to-ceiling library shelving and a smattering of chic antiques, it’s truly a masterclass in taste. The cherry on top is plush seating with a slightly modern flavour. Make the look your own with our Leon sofa in Aqua coloured House Chenille. It comes in a range of sizes, from cosy snuggler to long and lean lounger, so you’re sure to find an option to suit your space. A sparingly buttoned back and cylindrical side bolsters add a slightly midcentury look, tying into the trends of today while retaining a nod to the past.

Shane's Living Room

We started with so little idea of how we were going to approach the interior design, and out of sheer necessity I dug deep and found my confidence for it. Somewhere along the way I hit my stride and began to understand what was needed.

We agreed that we wanted lots of glazing, so there are windows wherever we could add them, to ensure that the outside feels very close. It almost removes the requirement for art and decoration because it’s so beautiful to watch the changing views, far or close, throughout the day.

We used wooden cladding, oak floorboards, raw plaster, woven raw material, stone and for softer textures stuck to linen, denim and embroidered cotton. Whenever I got stuck I’d refer back to my image of a cowboy’s cabin or a fishing lodge and ask myself if a particular material or item could live here.

Upstairs in the beautiful ‘Tent Room’, which is the room Sophie Rowell of Cote de Folk consulted on, it has a slightly more luxurious feel with her use of patchworked velvet on that mega headboard, but retains a folky feel that we both envisaged for it. It’s a beautiful room.

Love getting creative with your interior? Get in touch with our style experts to bounce ideas and design your dream seating-scape! With endless fabrics and oh-so-many configurations to choose from, we’ve got the goods to weave your favourite looks into any space.