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How to Measure a Sofa

Start by having a look at our website, where you’ll find the measurements of each design. These don’t include the legs as they won’t be attached until delivery.

Keep in mind, because each of our creations is made by hand these measurements can vary by up to 3cm. So, if things are looking a tad tight, best to err on the side of caution to keep you from holding your breath!

Front Door


Jot down the measurements of the furniture you’ve got in mind. Next, open your front door as wide as possible and stretch that measuring tape from the inner left edge of the door frame to the inner right edge of the door (A).

Be sure to measure at the narrowest points if you’ve got a wonderfully wonky old door.

Is that ‘A’ measurement greater than the height of your sofa or chair?

If yes, great! Skip on down to HALLWAY & INTERNAL DOORS.

Nope? No worries – let’s have a look at PLAN B.


If Plan A won’t work for you, we can try carrying your new furniture in on its side. Start by measuring the height of your doorframe from the internal edges (B).

Is the ‘B’ measurement greater than the length or your sofa or chair?

Yes! You’re golden! Just make sure we’ve got enough room to manoeuvre through your hallway and check that your sofa’s got a lower or curved back that will allow us to swing it around as we move through.

Top Tip

Our tip to you… Keep in mind the space taken up by the door itself once its swung open, as we may need to turn the sofa
or chair as we move through the opening, depending on your floorplan.

Hallways & Internal Doors

Measure your hallway at its narrowest point. Is it wider than the height of your sofa or chair?

If so, you’re onto the next step! If not, best to consider a smaller model.


Measure the width of your stairs at their narrowest point, taking into account any obstructions. Is that width greater than the height of your sofa or chair? If it’s a yes, then head on down to the next step! If not, we’d recommend browsing more compact models.

If you’ve got a landing along your stairs, it’s important to check we won’t get stuck! Measure the widths and heights of each landing. As long as these measurements are greater than the dimensions of your sofa or chair, then congratulations – you’re set to jet! If it’s too tight, then a smaller frame may be your best bet.


Have you’ve got a railing that we’ll need to lift the sofa or chair over? If so, please make sure that the distance between the top side of the railing and the ceiling is greater than the depth of your sofa all the way along your stairway.


When a door closes, a window opens – and it may be possible to deliver through that window! Consider whether dimensions will allow, while taking into account the internal area around your window so you can be sure we’ve got space to manoeuvre once in. We aren’t in a position to make arrangements such as removing your windows, but it’s worth mulling over this option if all else fails!

Top Tip

Remember the measurement of the sofa frame height is the important one - because the legs come off!

Split Sofas

We try to make life easier where we can! Some of our sofas come as a split option, meaning they arrive in two halves! The Agatha Grande and Large comes as split sofas as standard.

Otto, Otti, Zachary and Finn arrive in sections for ease.

This comfy crowd can also come with split as an option:

  • Hector Grande & Large Sofas,
  • Henry Grande & Large Sofas,
  • Hugo Grande & Large Sofas,
  • Harriet Grande Sofa,
  • Leon Grande Sofa,
  • Noah Grande Sofa,
  • Ralf Grande Sofa,
  • Zachary Grande Sofa.

Split sofas have a join front centre where each half meets on all sofas except Agatha there will be two legs visible front centre to support each section.

For a small fee, we can split just about any sofa in any size.

Struggling to measure or still concerned?

Don't worry we can sort all size queries with our Will it Fit Service! For just £95, one of our TLC Technicians will pop out to see you and explore access options, doorways or measure up any problematic turns to be super sure we can get your sofa in smoothly. To book a visit contact us now!

Call us on 03300 945 855 to discuss your options with one of our Sofa Gurus.