Five inspiring ideas for how to make a book nook in your home

If you love to relax and sink into a good book, then read our inspiring tips on creating a book nook in your home.

How to make a book nook in a room or unused space? Book nooks have become the new sanctuary inside our very own homes and are the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and relax. Home lovers have committed to transforming once underutilised spaces into charming book nooks that serve a multipurpose throughout lockdown. Suddenly once empty alcoves, under stair spaces, and even a spare hall closet have become bright and functional reading spots.

Rather than being discreet and hidden away, these small spaces have been reinvented into bright book nooks filled with pattern, art, colour and personality. More than just a spot to put a comfy chair and throw, the new book nooks in 2021 are curated, stylish and planned to maximise your space. Book nooks have become a space for well being, mediation, creativity and home office and play.

1. Transforming under the stairs into a staircase nook

Use every inch of your home to maximize space and consider the open and empty space under the stairs. Transforming an area under the staircase is a great way to create an accessible and charming library corner. By adding bookshelves and utilising the stairs area to add more character and maximise e once underestimated space. We love this example of well-designed storage space that uses colour, pattern and texture to define the built-in bookcase and using an armchair upholstered in a dark navy adds depth.

2. Turn your alcove into a mini library and maximise your space

Reconfiguring an under-utilised alcove into a clearly delineated space for reading, rest and creativity is one way to make your home more efficient. We love the thoughtfully designed alcove of @lukearthurwells and how it fosters a more engaged use of his living room and looks incredibly stylish.

3. Incorporate indoor plants into your nook and make it feel like a green haven

How to create luscious interiors that not only look amazing but are good for your well-being? Considering the popularity of connecting our homes to nature, it comes as no surprise they are becoming an important feature in book nooks. We love the inviting corner of @zynp from the seemingly endless literature and beautiful plant collection; this is the perfect place for some reading and relaxing.

4. Make the most of built-ins and shelves

Multi-functional spaces are the key to refreshing home layouts in 2021. Book nooks and mini workspaces are popping up in bedrooms, and living rooms as an example of the creative approach homeowners are taking to increase their storage. Alcoves and book nooks with considered storage and joinery have become a popular choice for savvy first homeowners such as @oursurreynest.

"Personally, I love going bespoke where possible because it fits right into the nooks and crannies of your space which means you can maximise the amount of storage provided," shares Athina Bluff, founder of Topology, the award-winning interior design studio. "Storage truly is key though to keeping a space clean, well maintained and functional."

5. Add texture and art to your book nook

The beautiful nook of @graycoalfarmhouse is an inspiring example of how small it can be beautiful and feel spacious and airy by using paint to define the space. Adding a block of grey paint as a visual divider gives their nook greater depth and makes it feel like a room with scale instead of a tiny book bolt-hold. Add art and textured home accessories to your nook make it a special space that you want to spend time in. Books are not only beautiful to read; they are also visually striking. Constantly swap and rearranging your books and change up your cushions and throws. “Keep your nook looking fresh by also including some art or objects,” says Laura Barnard, Arlo & Jacob's product manager. “By adding details such a pattern and colour, your nook takes on its own scale and feels more like a room unto itself.”

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