Know How: How To Keep A Modular Sofa Together

How to keep a modular sofa together? Read our expert advice on sectional sofas and how to keep your favourite seats entirely in place.

How to keep a blue velvet modular sofa with a corner unit and separate units that keeps together with clips so it does not slide apart

A generous and comfortable modular sofa is an excellent interior choice for when you need a little more flexibility. You can use individual seat units, chaise and corner pieces to transform your sofa into the most practical shape for your living room.

While modular sofas are exceptionally adaptable, they can be a little frustrating if you find the unit pieces come apart.

Here are some top tips for how to keep a modular sofa together, and how to care for it.

Yellow velvet modular sofa with a chaise and corner unit and separate units that keeps together with clips so it does not slide apart

Securing the modular units of your sofa in place with clips

Most importantly, use the clips attached to each section to ensure the seat units hold together. Modular sofas connect with metal clips called ‘crocodile’ clips. These are zig-zag brackets on one side, with a triangle post on the opposite side that slots into it.

The best way to connect the two pieces is with another person. Firstly, line up the brackets so that they’re straight and each person should push from their side to secure the clip. This should make a clicking sound. However, if the pieces don’t slot together easily, go back and make sure they are straight (aligned). Never force the clips together.

NB: Keep fingers away from the brackets when you push the pieces together. Do not attempt to hold the clips in place and push them together as you risk injuring yourself.

You can swivel the clips under the sofa for end units to ensure they are completely out of sight. Further, Corner units need to be clipped on both sides to keep the sofa together.

When it comes to which style of clips works best, our team recommends the crocodile design. "My favourite choice, is the crocodile clip as it provides more flexibility," says Laura Barnard, Buying & Merchandising Manager. "You can push back the female part if you wanted the piece separate from another modular unit."

Large Fern corner sofa with its big cushions and sits in a family room hold as one unit

How to secure sofas with a lift-and-hook

Occasionally some other sofa frames come in pieces that need to be secured together, such as our Ryder corner sofa, that is connected with a different kind of clip. These clips work on a lift-and-hook basis.

Firstly, take the cushions off the sofa to minimise the weight. Secondly, work out which side goes on top and lift it into position above the opposite two brackets. When it is lined up, push it down to secure the two pieces together. Lastly, when the frame is fully connected put the seat cushions back.

How to secure a large pink velvet sofa with a corner unit and separate units in place with clips

Top 8 tips for caring for a modular sofa

1. Unclip the pieces before you try and move the sofa.

2. Never drag the sofa – always lift it to protect your floor and the sofa brackets.

3. Make sure the sofa is properly connected before you sit on it.

4. Ensure the sofa is on an even surface.

5. Avoid sitting on the arms units.

6. Don’t force the clips and risk bending them. They should fit together easily, so if there’s any resistance, check that nothing prevents them from clicking together.

7. In terms of the best clips, consider the crocodile clip as it provides more flexibility. You could push back the female part if you wanted the piece separate from another modular unit

8. Don’t sit on the sofa if the units are not clipped together.

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