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How to Keep
a Modular
Sofa Together

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Modular sofas are a fantastic choice for those who like to live flexibly. They truly are the shape-shifters of the furniture world. You can rearrange them to change the entire flow of a space, or pull them apart to create vignettes of seating when entertaining. Their virtues are many; though, we do often hear one concern cropping up in our showrooms. How do you make sure the seats stay together? We’ve got just the tips to help.

Securing your Modular Sofa with Clips

First thing’s first: our modular sofas come with clips - and we recommend putting them to good use! They’re called crocodile clips and they’ve got zig-zag brackets on one side and a triangle post on the other. These two parts secure together to fuse the seats to one another. 

It’s best to ask a friend for help on this one. First, focus on lining the brackets up so they’re straight. You can then each push your seats inwards from opposite directions until you hear a click. If you have any trouble, don’t force the seats together. Rather, check that each side of the clip is properly aligned and then give it another try. 

Do be careful to keep your fingers out of the mix. Don’t try to hold the clips in place with your hands as you risk injuring yourself. If you’ve lined them up straight, they should be all set to click on their own!

In the case of the end modules, you can swivel the clips under the sofa to keep them out of sight. Do keep in mind that the corner units will need to be clipped on both sides to hold everything together.

How to Secure Sofas with a Lift-and-Hook

Most of our modular sofas are fitted with crocodile clips; although, some come with a lift-and-hook system. In this case, we’d recommend you start by removing all of the cushions to lighten the load. Then have a look at the mechanism to work out which module needs to be lifted and lowered, and which can stay put. Once you’ve lined up the upper hook and the lower two brackets, carefully lift and lower that upper module into place and push down to secure the connection. Then, most importantly, pop the cushions back on and enjoy the fruits of your labour! 

Top 8 Tips for Caring for a Modular Sofa

  1. Always unclip the pieces before you try to move the sofa around.
  2. Never drag the sofa. Always lift it to protect your floor and the sofa brackets.
  3. Make sure the sofa is properly connected before you sit on it.
  4. Ensure the sofa is on an even surface.
  5. Avoid sitting on the arms.
  6. Don’t force the clips together as you risk bending them. They should click together easily. So, if there’s any resistance, check that nothing is preventing them from fitting together.
  7. When possible, opt for crocodile clips. They offer the most stable connection as well as the best flexibility as you can hide them from view when they’re not needed.
  8. Don’t sit on the sofa if the units are not clipped together.