Know How: How to Dress a Sofa

Sometimes a sofa needs to be dressed to look its best; this is especially true of loose cover sofas and scatter back sofas. These sofas are extra squishy and often have feather cushions that will regularly need to be plumped to maintain their shape and softness. Feathers will naturally migrate, so plumping and pushing the feathers into the corners helps prolong the life of your sofa. Here we show you how to dress a sofa correctly.

Perfect Staycation sofa in linen Jackson loose cover chaise sofa

Removable Cover Sofas

When a removable cover sofa is delivered you will likely have to dress it.

  1. If the covers aren’t on, you will need to put the cover on the base of the sofa. Smooth out any creases with your hands (most will drop out in a few hours). For very persistence creases, you can use a gentle clothes steamer.
  2. Put the cushions inside their covers, making sure the corners are stuffed. Smooth the cushions with the palms of your hands to distribute the feathers evenly. When you’re happy with the shape, make sure nothing is obstructing the zip before you do it up.
  3. Place the seat cushion(s) onto the base, ensuring the zip is at the back. Push the cushion(s) as far back as they need to go so that they don’t overhand the front of the seat.
  4. Place the back cushion(s) on top of the seat cushion and against the back rest. Smooth them out and be sure that they are the right way around.
  5. Finally, layer any additional scatter cushions in your desired position.

Loose Back Sofa

Sometimes a loose back sofa, like our Hartfield or Harriet, will need to be dressed. The back cushions might slip down, or dip slightly in the middle as the feathers naturally fall to the bottom. To help prevent this, regularly take the back cushions off and lay them flat and beat them gently to push the feathers back up to the top of the cushions. Shaking them upside down can also help. If you need more help on caring for your sofa, read our Upholstery Care Guide.

Scatter Back Sofa

Scatter back sofas are extremely comfortable thanks to their sink-in nature. They will however need to be dressed every few weeks. The cushions will naturally flatten as you sit on them, so plump them up whenever you see this happening. Keep the largest cushions at the back of the sofa – these will provide your back support, and layer the smaller ones in front. If the cushions of your scatter back sofa are all the same size, concertina them with the majority at the back, and decrease the number you layer in front. These smaller cushions can be moved as you get comfortable, for instance to support your head or legs.

Helena scatterback sofa

Accessorising a sofa

Accessorising your sofa is the fun part. It’s a way of upping the comfort level and personalising your space. Sofa accessories like scatter cushions, blankets and throws are all ideal ways of dressing your sofa.

Here are some top tips:

  • Colourful and patterned scatter cushions are a way of expressing your individuality with your sofa.
  • Layer textures and patterns
  • Alternate sizes, with the largest cushions towards the back
  • Lumbar and Bolster cushions are ideal for placing at the sides of the sofa to create symmetry. A singular lumbar cushion can also look very effective right at the front of your scatter cushion set up.
  • A casually strewn throw is the ideal sofa accessory

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