How to Clean Armchairs and Sofas Without Damaging Them

Discover why brushes are the easiest and safest tools for cleaning your armchairs and sofas without damaging them.

Our favourite chairs and sofas are like part of the family. Stylish, comfortable and welcoming we always want them to look their best. With spring just around the corner, it’s certainly time to refresh our furniture. However, we are at crossroads when it comes to cleaning. In this era of Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo should we all become instant cleaning experts? When it comes to serious stains best practice is to engage a professional upholstery cleaner. However, behind the hype of social media cleaning gurus, a gentler way is making a welcome comeback. The revival of the classic fabric brushes  is a simple solution for everyday furniture care. Whilst serious stains do require expert care, gentle cleaning with brushes will make your sofas and chairs look spring fresh.

Oxford Brush Company cushion bruh. How to clean your sofa and chair without damaging it

Brilliant Brushes are the best option

Before there was Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo the real cleaning expert was the humble upholstery brush. We all agree our furniture is precious and having the right specialised brushes on hand can make a world of difference. Before you start spraying and wiping frantically please pause for a second and consider using a specialised brush. They’re a milder way to remove any crumbs or dirt from the fabric surface and in-between the sofa cushions. The Oxford Brush Company produces a smart cushion cleaning brush.

Velvet Brush

For sensitive fabric such as velvet look to a specialised upholstery brush that is designed to assist in the re-laying of its nap. If your velvet sofa has a mark, gently brush the fabric around the area of the stain to try and remove it. Avoid rubbing the surface because you may damage its short pile. Rather, if a gentle brush doesn’t remove the stain then seek professional care such as Staingard. The beautiful Matilda sofa deserves to be cared for properly so brush it once a week with a velvet upholstery brush.

Balthasar Leather corner benefits from a gentle clean with a proper brush

Leather Brush

We all love the look of a classic leather chair and sofa. For a beautiful suite such as the Balthasar corner sofa there are leather brushes designed specifically to clean its pigment. Further, instead of using sprays, oils or creams that could potentially stain the leather, use a leather brush and soft cloth to remove dirt from the grain and dust off deep edges. For more serious leather rejuvenation projects seek professional advice.

Balthasar in wool how to clean with the right brushes

Wool Brush

For a wool covered sofa such as the small Balthasar  consider brushing and de-linting with the Redecker Cashmere Brush. Although it's designed for knitwear, it also works brilliantly to remove dust and soil off wool upholstery due to its fine, bronze wire 'bristles' surrounded by an outer row of black boar bristle.


Linen Brush

We love the chic appeal of linen on our Jackson sofa, but to maintain its beauty explore a brush that is suitable for cleaning natural fibres. The Laundress stain brush is one option to explore for sturdy linens. Rather than rubbing linen upholstery use a brush to treat the target area. Further, to avoid harming linen never use washcloths or sponges, as they can easily leave behind bigger marks.

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