New to the House & Garden Collection


Tennison is a tribute to the tuxedo style sofas which became prominent in the 1920s. Embodying modernist characteristics with its clean lines and geometric design, don’t let its angular shape fool you; the Tennison belies a deep sense of comfort that is immediately apparent once you take a seat. The pillowy-soft, padded arms and back cushion give this sofa a cloud-like comfiness, while the fibre-padded, single seat cushion with pulled effect upholstery creates an elegant silhouette. With its square arms that are level with the backrest, slim painted legs and clean lines, this is one sofa that will suit any living room, either dressed up or down.

tennison blue check sofa

The House & Garden Collection

Introducing the first collection by House & Garden magazine,
reflecting 70 years of the best in design and decoration.
Available now.

The House & Garden Backstory

To celebrate their 70th anniversary, the first furniture collection by House & Garden is a hugely exciting new venture for the magazine. They have strong feelings about what makes a stylish and comfortable place to sit, and so it was only natural for them to apply this trained eye to designing their own range of furniture. The House & Garden Collection fills an obvious niche bringing smart, elegant, well-tailored sofas and chairs to a wider market at an accessible price. They describe Arlo & Jacob as a natural fit because the collection needed to be well made and manufactured in Britain. We are delighted to introduce to you the first House & Garden Collection.