Home Office Style: Best sofas and chairs for working from home

Elton is perfect at working from home and self-isolating

How to create your comfortable home haven? Explore our guide to the best sofas and chairs that adapt to your work from home needs.

Never before has a multi-functional home felt so important. You need your home to remain comforting while suddenly transforming into a convenient work hub. The sudden shift demands furniture that will support all your needs across comfort and usefulness. Rather than buying several different pieces of furniture, look to a smart sofa or chair that does all the heavy-lifting and can convert with ease to suit your needs.

We spoke to our product manager Laura Barnard about what sofas and chairs make the best home-office solutions. Having designed hundreds of British hand-made sofas, Laura shares her expertise on which furniture will serve your needs.

“Not everyone is going to have an office in their home so a smart option is to use comfortable, quality furniture in different ways,” advises Laura. "You don't need lots of furniture, just quality pieces that serve many roles."

Brilliant Bertie is a sofa, sofa bed and your new office in one  

Bertie sofa and sofa bed

"If you are working from home and prefer to set up camp from a sofa than the Bertie chaise with its square, flat arms is super helpful," suggests Laura. "You can lean on it for support and use it as a little work station."

The versatile Bertie also comes in a sofa bed option. "You really are getting three pieces for the price of one," says Laura. "It's great for working off and then it can fold out into a sofa bed."
Thanks to its removable fitted cover, Bertie can be refreshed with just a wash, so it can withstand heavy use as a bed, office and sofa and still last you a lifetime.

Pembroke offers support for your laptop

Pembroke Corner Sofa ideal for binge-watching for working from homes

"The Pembroke has wide arms so you can utilise them for your laptop," explains Laura. Generous and sturdy you can spread your work out across it she suggests. "And it's quite easy to work from because of its thick arms that have a gentle swoop." Like the Bertie, it's also a sofa bed which makes it incredible value for the home in terms of serving so many needs.

A deep-seated sofa is essential for supporting you while spending hours working on your laptop.  With its old-fashioned comfort, Pembroke is made with coil springs and traditional craftsmanship so your back and backside are supported. "Our Pembroke offers feather wrapped highly resilient foam, so your body will feel rested rather than cramped," says Laura. "I love that it becomes a work hub but is also a stylish sofa bed."

Work in comfort with Juno 

Juno chair perfect for working at home and self-isolating

For those who prefer working from the kitchen table you need to feel comfortable whilst sitting down for hours.
Minimal and modern, Juno's high back offers extra support balanced by sink-all-the-way-in cushions. "I've been working from my kitchen table and the Juno armchair has helped me stay focused," shares Laura. "Even sitting on a proper seat makes you work better." Laura designed Juno with fibre-wrapped, highly resilient foam cushions to make a real difference to your back.

Isabella combines comfort with timeless style

Isabella armchair perfect for working at home and self-isolating

"Isabella was designed as a fireside chair so its sturdy and offers great back support," explains Laura. "It is perfect for sitting on with your laptop ." As a timeless piece of furniture, Isabella will always look stylish, but the comfort it offers equally paramount. "For sitting upright and spreading out at the kitchen table a chair like Isabella gives you a lot of support for long periods," says Laura. With swept back legs carved from hardwood beech, the majestic Isabella is a fusion of traditional style met with contemporary comfort.

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