Home Décor Ideas: How to renovate a home with art

How to use art to renovate a home? Turn your blank canvas interior into a visual feast with these easy tips from @printclublondon's Kate Higginson

1. What was your renovation strategy around featuring art in your home improvement?

I wanted to bring the feel of an art gallery into our home, and that started with our basement design which is inspired by a massive photograph that we bought years ago, and it's going downstairs because we wanted space around that piece with a big wall.

And then there's lots of our art which I have collected over the years, and it will go along our stairwell and will be hung mid-flow so you can view it as you're going up the stairs.

We are also trying to decide on colours, and I was like, we need our scheme to be neutral because there's loads of colour coming from the paintings.

2. What materials did you focus on to create an art gallery feel in your home?

Focus as much on the floors as the walls when considering building a space around art.

We are building a side return, and the big focus is our floor which we are installing with big, long planks, and I compared it to being at a gallery. I didn't want parquet floors that everyone else has, and I have a slight aversion to it.

Our inspiration is the Tate Modern, and I love the look of the flooring with these massive long planks; it makes the space feel really expansive and draws your eye towards the area where art hangs.

3. How do include art in every room?

I have a painting that I have always loved, and it's going in our bathroom, and even though the colours don't quite match the scheme, it still works.

It's one of the things we say, "don't hang artwork to match your sofa", but I do have my artwork slightly dictating a little bit how we're curating the house.

Also, we are keeping everything minimal in terms of space, and our furniture sits on a low level in the basement, including the kitchen units, which don't include high cupboards. The idea is we've got more space left on the walls for artwork.

4. It seems important how your art creates an emotional layer to your home?

Our pieces have been bought over time either when we've been travelling or from following artists. We have bought some of the pieces on holiday from somewhere random, like flea markets, but they all have meaning.

It's also when we've bought them that we think about what part they play in our family's lives, so they really sort of emotive pieces.

And I think obviously just having nice artwork in our house is positive for kids; it's quite important to have that visual depth. We hope that a little bit of art osmosis sinks in overtime.

I also do like blank walls, to some extent, and not have many things on my walls and keep it minimalist. This allows our art to create moments of colour around the house. Those art moments also tell a story of our experiences collecting and finding art.

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