Home Décor Ideas: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the French Country Style

French style is synonymous with elegance and simplicity, and that translates into their interiors too. A French-country style bedroom is effortlessly chic, timeless and inviting. To create a glamourous French-inspired, country bedroom, we’ve put together a few simple steps to help you try out this look. In no time you’ll have a très chic French-style boudoir of your very own.

Pastel wall colours

French style is all about simplicity with an overall clean and uncluttered look. Pick a soft pastel paint colour to adorn your walls, think about whitewashed farmhouses. If the paint has a chalky undertone then even better! We like white paints with a hint of pale greys, blues and soft, subtle pinks.

Statement bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Its main purpose is to be comfortable, but you also want it to be stylish and inviting, the kind of place you want to cocoon yourself in after a hard days work. French-country style bedrooms all focus on statement beds, with ornate headboards, made from beautiful rustic woods and are often painted in a complementary colour to the walls. Some have upholstered panels in natural materials like cotton, muslin and burlap.

Vintage style furniture

Most of us can’t afford to invest in original French antique furniture, but luckily for us, there are plenty of alternatives online and in department stores to achieve this look without spending big bucks. Weathered, vintage style wardrobes, chests of drawers and blanket boxes will all contribute to achieving a French-inspired bedroom, plus they’ll store all your clothes and blankets for a tidy, uncluttered room. If you already have a wooden wardrobe or piece of furniture that you love but want to give it a French-country makeover, then look for furniture painting tips and tutorials on Pinterest or Youtube to achieve the weathered, vintage look.

Painted wooden floorboards

Wooden floorboards are a statement in most French-country farmhouses, mainly for practicality, but they also look pretty great too. For bedrooms, consider painting them a rustic white and then laying a sumptuous, fluffy rug over the top for texture and warmth.


Use cushions, metal lamps and vintage style books to decorate the room and personalise the space. Make the most of charity shops, and antique fairs to pick up some beautiful vintage objects that will fit within this theme.


Linen is the perfect material to use for the soft furnishings in your bedroom. We think its ideal for curtains, bed linen, cushions and most certainly for upholstering a statement chair. It’s soft, subtle and durable. Pick a faded or pastel colour that complements your colour scheme, or layer up colours of the same weave to create some depth and contrast to the look.


Soft floral and linen bedsheet are ideal for French country style bedrooms. Layer up chunky blankets and throws over washed linen, crumpled sheets for a relaxed effect.

Click to see more of our favourite French-inspired bedroom ideas on Pinterest.

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