Home Décor Ideas: 5 tips for styling modern and vintage furniture

 Who doesn’t love a family home filled with cherished belongings? As the backdrop to our lives, furniture and objects create a sense of comfort and make our homes feel welcoming. But how do you get the mix of old and new right? Read our helpful tips on how to style modern and vintage furniture together.

Holmes sofa is perfect for styling vintage finds

Start with a Characterful Sofa

“You want to have your own identity and build an interior story,” says Laura Barnard, Arlo & Jacob’s product manager. The first step to getting the mix right is with a bespoke sofa. Premium furniture makes all the difference and sets the tone with its character and quality. “You may start with a modern sofa that is characterful such as Holmes and then start building your own story around it,” shares Barnard. “Treat a good piece of furniture like the beginning of your styling journey and the most important building block.”

Aragon is a perfect modern armchair for the elderly

Use vintage lamps and mirrors to create light

We all love vintage but to keep your house looking fresh introduce accessories that create light. One fantastic mid-century lamp can make just as powerful statement as lots of bitty objects. And nothing will lift a room faster than an art deco mirror. Further, a large antique mirror, such as the one styled with our Aragon chair,  instantly brightens a living room. For our homes to feel memorable, every piece needs to engage us. “It’s about creating moments in time so what you bring into your home needs to add to your story, like a mirror or lamp,” says Barnard.

Poirot shows how vintage finds can work with a modern chair

Display your souvenirs, old toys and family photos

 “People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and tell their story,” says Barnard. Further, take inspiration from museums and learn the art of curation so your cherished finds look organised in a display cabinet or sideboard. The Poirot chair in 'Greenery' chintz looks at home next to a vintage sideboard decorated with objects.

celia yellow velvet cocktail chair

Add a statement chair

The right mix of traditional and modern pieces allows a homeowner’s personality to shine through. If a bespoke sofa is the starting point than a characterful chair certainly anchors a room. “It’s how you style modern pieces together with personal belongings that makes it exciting,” adds Barnard. “Why not include furniture that has a touch of charm like our Celia cocktail chair to add warmth and character into a room.”

Chic Footstool and vintage coffee table

The perfect marriage of old and new isn’t complete without a vintage table and stylish footstool. When the two come together they create double the visual interest in a living room. Your perfect family home tells the story of your life and small, practical pieces like a footstool are the perfect finishing touch. “We understand that homemakers want to express their individualism. In turn, they also want quality and comfort to be matched by this,” says Barnard about getting the balance right. "We love the Hastings footstool because it’s timeless style bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary."

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