Know How: A guide to our different types of Velvet

You may think that when it comes to types of fabric, there are a limited number of options, such as cotton, wool or velvet. However, within these fabric types, there are various compositions, finishes and colours providing you with even more options and choices for a sofa that’s custom to you. Here we take a closer look at our different types of velvet; their composition, texture and finish, to help you decide which one is right for your home. Velvet is a sumptuous and tactile fabric and is the most popular choice at Arlo & Jacob.

Easy Velvet

True to their name, our Easy Velvets are durable and easy to maintain. This short pile, synthetic velvet, is affordable and an excellent choice for families. The easy velvets come in a variety of vibrant colours with a subtle sheen finish. They are water-repellent which means you have slightly more time to mop up any spills before they sink into the fabric and potentially leave a stain.

Easy Velvet - Peacock

Fine Velvet

Let your upholstery shine with our luxurious, crushed Fine Velvet, available in five colourways. It’s made from a durable 100% polyester with a rub count of 80,000, making it stain-repellent and easy to maintain. It certainly has the wow-factor and will really reflect any light that bounces off it.

Fine Velvet - Jet

Cotton Velvet

Cotton Velvet is our number one bestselling fabric at Arlo & Jacob. One of the world’s most precious fabrics, this is a sumptuous choice that beautifully catches and reflects the light. Our Cotton Velvets are made from 100% cotton and have a rub count of 40,000. This is more of a matte velvet, without a surface shine and will not crush.

Cotton Velvet - Damson

Vintage Velvet

Our beautiful vintage velvet is made from premium Italian velvet that consists of a thick, luxurious pile. A blend of both natural and synthetic fibres provides durability as well as a lavish feel. This super-soft, understated velvet is ideal for pared-down interiors and will deliver a subtle hint of glamour. This velvet is semi-matte with a very subtle sheen surface and is resistant to crushing.

Vintage Velvet - Tea Rose

Italian Velvet

We’ve sourced Italy’s finest, beautiful-to-touch, ‘you-deserve-it’ velvet. Our Italian Velvets are made of 68% viscose and 32% cotton with an incredible 90,000 rub count. They feel more like a classic velvet with the ability to crush, but they feel incredibly soft against your skin.

Italian Velvet - Mulberry

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